Marquee Hire

A marquee can be hired for events taking place at Hargate Hall. The marquee is to be used for dining only. Your evening party, music, and any disco etc would be conducted in the main hall.

The marquee is 24m by 9m. The basic spec is lining, 3 simple chandeliers for lighting, plain wooden floor (treated floor boards) with power (maximum 32 amp) and an oil fired space heater (with 4hrs worth of fuel). In the winter time the hire includes a second heater. Table and chairs are also included but not the linen and crockery etc.

Cost - Summer - £2250

Cost - Winter (October to April) - £2500 - includes second heater and extra fuel


You will have use of the marquee for the duration of your booking.

We will need to know the numbers and size of the tables and numbers and colour of the chairs that you want. The choices are:


Trestle tables 6ft x 2ft 6in

Round tables 5ft (seat 6 to 8) 5ft 6in (seat 8 to 10) and 6ft (seat 10 to 12)


Silver or Gold with a choice of seat pad colours (blue, cream, burgundy or green)

Also included: Fridge, 6 ring gas oven (you or your caterer will need to bring gas), Power supply, sink with cold water supply.

Optional extras

Things not included that you may wish to have

Table cloths
Crockery, cutlery and glassware
Additional fuel for marquee heater
Additional heater

We are happy to help you with sourcing these items if you want them.

Other information

Size - the marquee is 24m long x 9m wide. the sides and ends are all made up of 3m bays

The marquee heater comes with 30 litres diesel which is enough for around 4hrs running. Additional fuel in multiples of 20l is available for £30 (may vary depending on fuel prices).

There is no easy vehicular access to the marquee. There is a wide footpath, but this is not suitable for most vehicles (they get stuck which can be highly embarrassing when all the guests are looking on). Caterers and deliveries may need a suitable trolley for transporting goods. At present access is only available through the front of the marquee, however we are working on creating a rear access as well. if you need any advise on this please contact us.

As the marquee is an outdoor structure, caterers should allow time to wipe down surfaces in the kitchen area before and after use.

The power supply to the marquee is a maximum of 32 amps, there is a maximum rating for any single circuit of 16 amps. We recommend that all cooking equipment is gas powered.


The marquee is very stong and will withstand strong winds and rain. Doors and side pannels must be kept closed at all times. However you should use common sense if wind picks up and especially if there is flying debris. In the event of local lightening storms you must evacuate to the maon hall and await the passing of the storm. The marquee has a metal frame and metal framwork for the floor.


Hargate Hall Wedding Marquee marquee wedding breakfast Hargate Hall's on site marquee. Perfect for Wedding Breakfasts and other meals for up to 140 people.