Additional hire items

These items can all be hired from us for your wedding weekend. The numbers against the items correspond to the items listed on weddinginfo.xls . for you to fill in.

Item 1) - Sweet counter

sweet counter 1

 sweet counter 3

sweet counter 2

included items

Ferris wheel, lolly rack, sweet sign, slate stand, chalk board, 3 tongs, box for bags

item 2) 6 x Paper parasols


Item 3) Bunting for in the hall.

bunting hall

The buning fits from the Chandelier to walls, and along the walls. We put it up for you.

Item 4) Bunting for in the marquee

bunting marquee

The bunting goes all round the walls of the marquee, and we put it up for you.

Item 5) Hoops with colourful ribbon.


We have 3 of these hoops, and we can hang them for you.

Item 6) Tall decorative step ladder.

tall ladder

Item 7) Small decorative ladder

small ladder

Item 8) Photobooth Props


photobooth 1

photobooth 2

photobooth 3

A few props for a photobooth. The girls are not included, but you might find they turn up anyway - them seem to enjoy it!

Item 9) Cage Seating Plan

table plan

Item 10) Ceiling fairy lights

ceiling fairy lights

The fairy lights can be used on their own or with the organza. We will put these up for you.

Item 11) Mixer, Speakers and lights



Samson XP800. The mixer can connect via bluetooth or you can bring a lead with 3.5mm either end to plug into the headphone port of your device. The mixer fits in a space at the back of 1 of the speakers (even when in use), so is kept out of the way.

12) Projector and Screen


We have a projector and screen available to hire. You can use this if you fancy a movie night, or for a slide show. We have a cable to connect to any device with an VGA or HDMI port or an IPhone / IPad. We can also provide a DVD player if required.

17) Beer cooler

beer cooler

A beer cooler and pump to be use with Keg real ales. eg those from Eyam brewery. Ii have KeyKeg and SanKey couplings

18) Red Post Box

beer cooler

Post Office red cast iron letter box £25.

Also we have

Water urn 20 litres - £20

Fairy lights for stairs £20

Yamaha Keyboard - PSR-E343 - £40

Outdoor table cloths x 10 - £75


Links to specs

Keyboard -

Mixer-Model PMP560M