No Corkage Charge Wedding Venue

No Corkage charges

We are a wedding venue without any corkage charges. We make no corkage charges on any alcohol that you bring. We do not allow any caterers (or other supplier) to make corkage charges either!

wedding drinks at Hargate HallSome venues that do not charge corkage on alcohol, only permit you to supply drinks on a no corkage basis for a limited part of you day e.g. the drinks reception, or maybe for the wedding breakfast.

We do not charge corkage on any of the alcohol you bring for the whole duration of your stay.

Why do we not charge Corkage

Many wedding venues and restaurants charge charge for any drinks you supply yourselves. This is to cover lost profit, extra staff costs, and glass washing etc. However, at Hargate Hall you are doing all of that for yourselves, so it just wouldn't be fair to charge you as well would it!

Bar area

We have a "dry bar" set up in the entrance lobby. this has 2 bar fridges, a freezer, a hand pump and a chilled beer dispenser (the dispenser is available to hire separately). The hand pump can be connected to a cask of real ale and there are spare fitting to enable a second one to be tapped and set up ready. The chilled beer dispenser allows real ale kegs, larger etc to be used. I recommend checking with us before ordering beers, to ensure compatibility of connections.

If you are using an bar company, they can either use our equipment or set up outside (but be wary of noise). Please do not set up in apartments.

if you are wanting a setup that is not covered by the above then please talk to us and we will see what we can sort out.

Alcohol and Drinks

Our drinks deal is one of the most generous you will find. You can purchase your reception drinks and table wines directly from any retail outlet, saving yourselves a substantial amount versus typical restaurant or hotel prices. there are some great local breweries and wine merchants who will be happy to supply your needs. We do not add any corkage charges or commissions.

If you want a pay bar, this can normally be arranged. Please contact us about this option so we can discuss it further. Please note: due to the limited number of Temporary Events (alcohol) licences that are available each year, we do not permit anyone to apply for such licences at Hargate Hall without our permission. Any applied without our permission, will be cancelled.