The History of Hargate Hall

Hargate Hall's History

Hargate Hall is situated in Wormhill, Buxton, it was built in 1899 by the original owner Joesph Wainwright, but during construction ownership changed to Robert Whitehead. The building was completed under Whitehead’s ownership with some additions to the original plans. When he took over Hargate Hall he added the extra storey to the tower above the front door and added a coach house (now our house), Although now private houses, he also added the lodge, stables, orangery and potting shed. Robert Whitehead was a successful businessman who had multiple interests such as Ex-Sheriff of Derbyshire. Deputy-Chairman, Staveley Coal & Iron Co. Ltd. Chairman of Bengers Food Co. Ltd. His Directorates include the following : Vice-Chairman of the Staveley Coal & Iron Co. Ltd.; Director of Cammell, Laird & Co. Ltd and many more to list.

Source: 1933 Colliery Year Book and Coal Trades Directory


Robert Whitehead and the Hargate Estate

Robert Whitehead (1856 – 1938) was an English land owner and businessman. He came from a well-known family and was second cousin to the Robert Whitehead that invented the torpedo and great grandson of a John Kay, who also invented the flying shuttle. Mr Whitehead, took over the Hargate Estate during its construction and by 1910, he had added hugely to the overall estate which compromised of Hargate Wall, Hargate Hall, a lodge house, stable and a huge heated orangery.

Robert Whitehead lived in the original Hargate Hall, while a new building was being constructed and when he moved upon its completion he named it Hargate Hall and his original home become known as Hargate Wall. Robert Whitehead lived on the estate until his death in 1938.

Historical Photos of Hargate Hall

Hargate Hall

Hargate Hall Today

Hargate Hall is now owned and cared for by Anthony and Julie Knox. The building has been carefully renovated into a wedding venue and self catering accommodation. The building itself is true to character and still maintains many of the original features both outside and inside, such as the large wooden staircase that runs through the property. The family run business is at the heart of the community and is well-known across Derbyshire. Hargate Hall is surrounded by beautiful countryside and it’s the perfect venue for anyone seeking peace and tranquility away from the busy city life.

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