How Long Does It Take To Plan For Weddings?

Planning a wedding is never easy, regardless of the size. There’s lots that goes into successful wedding planning and asking “How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding?” is like asking low long is a piece of string. No two weddings are the same, some people have small personal weddings and others have a grand affair. No matter what type of wedding you might be planning, it’s important you get your timescales right to prevent it being a disaster. Some things such as cake makers or photographers, can be booked months in advance, so it’s always better to plan ahead than get caught short. Keep reading below to find out how long it take to plan a wedding and what goes into wedding planning.

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Big Wedding?

If you’re planning a big wedding, then it’s best for you should be planning 12-18 months in advance. Big weddings mean big venues, more cake, more food, which means you need to be booking people in advance. But it’s not only what you need to book, it’s about saving for the big day as well. If you’re planning a big wedding, then they don’t come cheap. So the further in advance you’re planning for a wedding, the easier it will be on your finances as well.

How Long Does It Take To Plan An Average Wedding?

Most average weddings, take around 12 months to plan, or 6 if your extremely organised. 12 months is plenty of time to organise a dress, book a venue and ensure people have enough time to book a day off work for the big day. Many people used to think it takes around 2 years to plan a wedding, but it’s been proven now that on average most people plan a wedding in a year or less. Times are changing and with more options than ever available to book, it’s much easier to find things such as wedding cake makers or photographers; meaning you can plan your wedding in a much short timeframe.

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Small Wedding?

Small weddings tend to be much more private and intimate celebrations, meaning less people will be attending and you’ll probably opt for less extravagant wedding cars or venues. That doesn’t mean small weddings aren’t beautiful, but things will likely be smaller and cost a lot less, compared to a big wedding celebration. Most small weddings can be planned between 3 and 6 months.

Last Minute Weddings - Do They Work?

The simple answer is YES. But it is going to take some extreme planning skills and you’ll still need at least 3 months to get everything planned and in place. Remember if you’re planning a last minute wedding, then you might not get the top photographer you want, or your desired wedding cake maker, you’re going to have to hunt for an option that has time in their diaries to fit you in. If you’re planning a last minute wedding, then remember you’ll still need to give notice to marry at your local registry office and this can take up to 28 days to be granted from your initial appointment.