Wedding Help

Help and ideas for weddings at Hargate Hall

This section of our website aims to provide information, help and useful links to those planning their weddings at Hargate Hall


We don’t have a long list of things that you can and can’t do. The main two things are:

1. Don’t do anything that could damage the building or decor. This would include no naked flames, not using bluetack or sellotape on the walls or woodwork

2. Be respectful of our neighbours. We don’t allow amplified or loud music outside or in the marquee. But also ask that, particularly in the evening, noise is kept to a minimum outside, and that outer doors of the hall are kept shut when partying.

Our role

In the lead up to you wedding we will be contactable to answer an questions that you have. We can also arrange additional viewings to help you in your planning and room allocations.

On the wedding weekends itself, we are normally around when you arrive to go through any final details. Then, for the ceremony itself one of us will be in the ceremony room for the hour before and during the ceremony. We will also co-ordinate the entrance of the bridal party, the registrars and the entrance music.


We have no deals in place with any suppliers to Hargate. We always want to support local suppliers where possible, and hope you will do the same. There are list of suppliers that we know have been here and who have done a good job at and for a more interactive approach head over to our Facebook group Hargate Suppliers.

Information that we need

We have a spreadsheet that we ask all couples to fill in and email to us weddinginfo.xls . This covers everything from the time of you wedding to marquee requirement and extra hire items. Ideally this should be sent to us anything up to 12 months before you wedding so we can get things started. It doesn’t matter if numbers change, just resend it to us a few weeks before. It is very easy for us to change 130 marquee chairs to 140 at the last minute but not 0 to 140 ! The spreadsheet also refers to items that can be hired from us. For more information on these items visit.

General support and help

We have a very active Facebook group reserved only for wedding couples getting married at Hargate Hall. Unoriginally this is called Hargate Wedding Couples. You have to request to join it and answer a couple of quick questions. You can use this group to ask questions, chat to other and buy and sell items that have been used at weddings here. There is a “search this group” box which enables you to see if your particular question has been asked/answered before. We often take pictures of the decorations and ideas to share on the group and page. But if we don’t shows pictures of your wedding please don’t think it is because we didn’t like it!! It just means I didn’t get a good enough picture or that there were people in it. Feel free to add your own pictures afterwards. It helps others and of course help us. There is also a similar group called Hargate Suppliers which as well as having you wedding couples on, has suppliers on as well. Please encourage your suppliers to join it as well.

Information for your Guests

All our wedding couples must end up saying similar things to their guests, so to save time we have summarised a lot of this on a web page you can share with them. Hopefully this will make life easier.

Timings etc

All standard bookings run from 4pm on a Friday to 10am on a Monday (3 nights). Where possible we will always try to let you get in earlier. Contact us the week before to see what is possible. People arriving, and us still cleaning don’t mix, so please don’t arrive before any agreed time. The same applies to deliveries. They need to be arranged for when you are here.

On the Monday we will start cleaning from 9am in apartments that have been vacated already and/or the marquee.

Accommodation and extra nights

We often get requests for extending the weekend stay for certain apartments either before or after the wedding weekend. Typically this price for this will vary depending on the apartment and time of year but in the interests of simplicity we will fix this at £40 for a 1 bed apartment, £60 for a 2 bed apartment and £80 for a 3 bed apartment. These prices are per night and on the assumption that no extra cleaning or bedding is required. You can either ask us to book you in or book online. If booking online, we will manually adjust the prices afterwards.

If any of you want to stay for a few nights at any other time, whether before or once you are married, book yourselves in online. Then when use the voucher code “weddingcouple” and it will give you a discount of 50% off. This code can be for any booking, as long as the arrival date is within 3 months of the booking date.

Terms and Conditions, cancellations and insurance

Our full wedding Terms and Conditions  can be found here which covers all the usual things including damage and cancellation. to protect against both of these you should consider wedding insurance. On this, things to consider are marquee – are you having it, length of cover – just the wedding day or the whole weekend, and scope of cover, just your booking with us or all suppliers as well. The company recommended by our insurance broker is Events Insurance as they offer a good bespoke policy, though there are many others who might suit your specific requirements.

Dimension and downloads

If you are looking for dimensions and other downloadable things, then have a look here.

Any suggestions as to things to add or change to the above always welcome!

Happy planning!!

Julie and Anthony