Couples Break - What Should You Be Doing?

If you’re a couple, then probably one of the things you look forward to is getting away from life and enjoying some time together, however what do you actually do on a couples break? Many people spend most of their time with their other half anyway, whether it’s alone or with family or friends, so what do you do when you go away together. One of the reasons most people want to go on a couples break, isn’t actually to just spend time with each other, it’s to get away from everything and everyone else. We all have family and friends we love (maybe you even love work), however, there comes a time when you just need to get away from everything and the perfect person to do that with is your partner.

But once you’re away, what do you actually do together? When you’re so used to being preoccupied with life, actually having time together with just the two of you, can actually make you think, what do you do? Do you go for a meal? Out for a walk? Or just Netflix and Chill together? Below, we’ll aim to cover some of the things most couples do when they go away on a couples break. It’s important to remember that every couple is different, so if you’re used to posh meals or shopping trips, we know you’re unlikely to want to go for a walk in the country and vice versa.

What To Do On A Couples Break

Explore The Local Area

Likelihood is if you’re going away together as a couple, you’re heading somewhere new and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the local area. Whether you’re the type of couple who enjoys getting out in nature or wining and dining, the options are needless when it comes to couples breaks. Exploring the local area allows you to try traditional delicacies, take in the breathtaking surroundings, or you might even check out what the shops have to offer. If you head on a couples break to a new area, then we guarantee you’ll find something fun to do.

In addition to this, when you go away together, you can do things without anyone else being there. How many times do you just want a drink in peace without friends or a meal without a family row erupting (you know it, we’ve all been there, family arguments in the middle of a pub or restaurant – oh the shame). Well, when you go on a couples break you’ll be able to do everything you love doing but just the two of you, without having to worry about any interruptions from people you know.

What Do You Do On A Couples Break?
What Do You Do On A Couples Break?

Just Relax

Honestly, one of the main reasons people go away on holiday is to just relax. You’ve left work, abandoned the kids (just joking we are sure they are with a responsible adult), ignored your friends and if you’re brave enough you might even turn off your phone. So when you go away together, why not just switch off from everyone and everything, put your feet up and relax. Whether you just want to cosy up together and watch Netflix or delve into a book you’ve been meaning to read, going on a couple’s break together gives you that much needed time to just stop and relax.

One of the great things about relaxing is you can do it together, whether it’s a takeaway in front of the TV or a relaxing meal and drink at the local restaurant, your break is the perfect time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Most couples that go away on breaks together always feel much more relaxed and at ease upon their return. You might even find that peace and tranquillity you found whilst away, might last a few weeks upon your return which means no nagging each other or arguments. (We all have them and we usually all apologise right after them as well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.)

Fall In Love Again

We all love a love story and we aren’t talking about reenacting the Titanic or Pride and Prejudice and we certainly aren’t saying you’ve fallen out of love with each other, but getting away for a couples holiday is the perfect time to remember what you love about each other and fall in love all over again. By leaving all your cares at home, you have the perfect time and opportunity to just enjoy each other’s company. Whether you’re just looking for some much needed time together or you’re celebrating a special moment, a couple’s break is the perfect time to keep that flame burning for each other.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already then you should be booking a break away with your loved one. Couples breaks are all about you, whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, take this opportunity to just enjoy everything you love about each other and leave any troubles at home.

What Do You Do On A Couples Break?

Booking A Couples Break At Hargate Hall

If you’re looking to book somewhere for your next couples break or even your first break away as a couple, then Hargate Hall is the perfect place for you. Set in the beautiful Buxton countryside, Hargate Hall is a picturesque and historic building that is situated close to the heart of Buxton as well as many other neighbouring towns and villages. Our accommodation has everything you’ll need to enjoy a couples holiday. For more information or to book a couples break at Hargate Hall, simply drop us an email or call us. Alternatively, bookings can be placed directly through our website.