Well , here we are.  Already over half way through 2015. And we have already had 2 weeks of sunshine, so that’s probably summer over with! We have had a busy first 6 months. For the first 2 months we were doing some more refurbishment in the apartments, particularly Ashbourne and Windsor, but other have had some TLC  as well. 2015 decoration of Windsor

Ashbourne now has its own central heating system. it is no longer reliant on the electric panel heaters. We will be upgrading the heating in the other apartments over the coming months (years?). It is a time-consuming job, so please bear with us on this.

Once the weather started to improve, we started tackling some of the outside areas. One of the main jobs is to repair the pathway to where the marquee sits. Also generally cutting back a lot of the plants and shrubs that seem to be taking over!


We also constructed a fire pit and it has already seen a lot of use. Hopefully, if the weather holds out, it will also be used again tonight.

We have cleaned out and replanted all the hanging baskets and window boxes. They now add a fantastic amount of colour around the building.


Of course, they now hide all the windowsills  that we spent so much time and money repairing last year!!