Should I have a DIY wedding?

We love it when people choose a DIY wedding! This is because at Hargate Hall we know why DIY weddings are the best sort of weddings. We love seeing all the individual touches our brides and grooms bring to our venue. Every single wedding at Hargate Hall is completely different and that’s why.

There are a lot of decisions to make when planning a wedding and choosing to go down the DIY route is one of them. We’ve done a round-up of the top four reasons why we think DIY weddings are the best. You can read our top-ranking post about what is involved in a DIY wedding here.

Reasons why you should choose a DIY wedding


If you are someone that knows exactly what you want – perhaps you looked for engagement rings Toronto (or wherever you are) long before getting engaged so that you could tell your partner exactly what you wanted – then this type of wedding might well be for you. A DIY wedding just gives you more control. You have more choice over the suppliers you hire, the decorations you can use and even the timings of your day. Some venues have such tight restrictions, even limiting the wine you can choose! Because a DIY wedding means you can have a lot more freedom and control, you can create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. You are paying for your wedding, why let the venue make all of the decisions?


Choosing a DIY wedding means you can make it very personal. Adding your unique ideas and touches will make it different from everybody else’s wedding.


Often choosing a DIY wedding means you can save money and work to a budget. Although this isn’t always the case, if you are careful a DIY wedding can be a significantly more budget-friendly option. DIY means your friends and family can help with food or bring a bottle of wine. You can save money by planning the ceremony, reception, and accommodation in one location.

However, you need to keep in mind that booking the venue, caterers, florists and the photographers & videographers prior to your wedding is always a safe bet. This is because when you try to hire anyone of the above last minute, they tend to charge you a lot as they suddenly have to clear their schedule and make time for you.

If you are trying to find the best professionals around you or the location where you plan on getting married, you should try searching on the internet. Plenty of options will pop up on your screen and you can make your decision depending on the reviews on their websites. For instance, if you are based out of Florida and want to hire a videographer in orlando fl, then reaching out to reputed companies could help you. Firms such as Orlando Video Production Company seem to be one of them who also provide budget-friendly packages to couples who plan to tie the knot.

Companies like the ones mentioned above help with planning your perfect wedding while allowing you to stay within your budget range. This way you do not compromise on hiring the best to capture your special moments–from when you walk down the aisle to when you and your partner leave the venue.


Having a DIY wedding means you don’t have to limit yourself to just one day. You can make your wedding stretch out for a whole weekend. At Hargate we give you the keys to our beautiful country home for the whole weekend. Instead of squeezing your wedding into a single day you can stretch out your wedding. Spending quality time with family and friends before and after you say I do. This is a wonderful element of DIY, friends, and family can become more involved in building your special day and it can often feel like a holiday away from home for all involved.

We hope you choose a DIY wedding! If our reasons for choosing a DIY wedding have convinced you then read our post about why Hargate Hall is the best DIY wedding venue! We would love to know if you’ve got any more reasons you’d like to share.

Happy wedding planning.


This post has been written by Laura Stroud from Peak District Events. Laura is an on the day wedding coordinator who specialises in DIY weddings, she also runs workshops and courses and can help you create the DIY wedding of your dreams (and one that is way better than Pinterest).