Why Is Self Catering Better Than A Hotel?

In recent years staycations have become more and more popular, which has led to an increase in demand for hotels and other forms of accommodation. Many people automatically start looking for hotels when seeking accommodation but self catering is another fantastic option. When people think of hotels, they think of luxury and location, fine dining and spas, everything you’ll need to enjoy a holiday. But, did you know that self catering could offer the same great benefits and more.

Self catering is often underestimated and many people think it to just be someone else’s home, but that isn’t the case. More self catering options such as ourselves, specialise in self catering properties, meaning they are of the highest quality and it will feel just like staying in a hotel. While a hotel might seem like the best option, self catering actually offers a much wider range of benefits, so be sure to keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons why people choose self catering accommodation over hotels.

Top 5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel

1. Flexibility

Do you enjoy having to be up for breakfast early? Rushed out of your room for the maid to clean it? It’s your holiday and you should be free to enjoy it as you wish. Most hotels have tight time scales which means you might be restricted as to when certain things need to be done by or you might find yourself limited to eating and drinking there. Where’s the fun in that? Holidays are meant to be a time when you can relax and do what you want, when you want. So, if you want the flexibility of being able to enjoy your holiday then self catering is the best option for you.

Self catering gives you the ultimate flexibility, meaning you can do what you want and go where you want to. Whether you want to sleep in, go out for a meal or just enjoy the pubs in the local area, self catering is just like being at home but more luxurious. You’ll have the ability to plan a schedule that works for you, meaning if you don’t want to get up until 12 or you want breakfast in the afternoon, then you’re free to do that. If you are travelling with children, then self catering also allows them to stay in the same routine as being at home.

5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel
5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel

2. Food and Drink

How many times have you stayed at a hotel and just ate their food and drink? Most people do it out of habit and it’s typically more convenient. However, hotel food and drinks can be pricey and limited on choice, but convenience usually overrides this and you’ll find yourself eating and drinking there anyway. When you’re in a new area, you should be enjoying yourself and trying all of the great food and drink places there, not just sitting in a hotel and that’s why self catering is the better option.

With self catering, you have the freedom to eat and drink wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s a night in front of the TV with a local takeaway or a night on the town enjoying everything they have to offer. Many places have regional delicacies, from tasty pies to refreshing gins and much more. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan or suffer from food intolerances then you might find hotel food limited. Self catering allows you to find places that suit your needs or you can even cook for yourself.

3. Privacy

How many times has the “Do Not Disturb” sign fell off the door, or a cleaner just ignored it? Hotels offer little privacy, from noisy bedroom neighbours to busy corridors and even full restaurants. If you’re looking for peace and quiet or just enjoy the privacy of your own company, then you’re not going to find it in a hotel. Self catering is a fully private space, you’ll have your own entrance and keys to come and go as you please.

When going on holiday people like to feel like they have freedom and that’s why you should choose self catering. Self catering is like a home away from home, you treat it like a home and have all of the privacy benefits that homes offer as well. There’s no need to worry about someone walking in on you or being woken up, self catering is like your own little bubble to enjoy.

5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel
5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel

4. Family Friendly

Whilst hotels will advertise themselves as family friendly, are they really? Children will typically share a room with the parents and this is usually only a pull out bed as well. If you’re planning on going away with your family, then with a hotel you’ll typically find kids spend most of their time watching TV and you might even find restrictions on the times they are allowed in different parts of the hotel, such as the bar and restaurant. One of the great things about self catering is it’s family friendly and that’s because it’s just like home.

When you go on holiday, keeping kids entertained is one of hardest things to do and routine is usually thrown out the window and if you’re hoping to get privacy, then it’s not going to happen in a hotel. With self catering accommodation, children will have their own rooms, meaning you can keep a home routine such as bedtime and you’ll also have much more freedom to do things as a family as well. In addition to that, if you have pets such as dogs, most self catering venues are pet friendly meaning they can enjoy the holiday as well.

5. Value For Money

One of the biggest downsides to hotels if they don’t actually offer great value for money. When adding the cost of food, drink and even parking, it soon becomes very costly and what initially seemed like a great deal can quickly become much more expensive than you first thought. In addition to this, you’ll typically have no control over the heating or cooling of a room as most of this is centralised to the optimum temperatures for all guests.

With self catering accommodation, the prices are fixed and there’s usually no hidden costs as well. Most self catering accommodations come with parking at no extra charge, we ourselves offer free parking for guests. With no extra charges to worry about and the options to eat and drink where you want, or even cook for yourselves, you can get yourself a much better deal by opting for self catering over a hotel.

5 Reasons Why Self Catering Is Better Than A Hotel

Booking A Self Catering Holiday

If you think self catering is the best option for you, then be sure to book with Hargate Hall. We have a number of self catering apartments which give you the full flexibility to enjoy your holiday how you want to. For more information on our self catering apartment options or to book a stay at Hargate Hall, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our team is always on hand to assist.