Hargate Hall April Update

Each month, we try to share a snippet of life here at Hargate Hall. Sometimes we forget as we’ve been so busy and it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun! But we try to record and share the work we’ve been doing as it’s a great reminder for us as the years go by. We can look back on this time, and it also shows you what life is like at Hargate Hall. We hope you enjoy this update.

The April Update

April is a busy time for us at the Hall (we’re not sure if there is a quiet season anymore), but we’ve got Easter holidays, short breaks and, of course, the start of the wedding season. It’s also a very exciting time as we know things start to ramp up from here. The sunshine and longer days also make work around the Hall feel a little easier.

In a personal update, we had a lovely holiday in March, and we enjoyed our own break, as many people enjoy a holiday in our home! If you’d like to book your summer holiday at Hargate, there is still time.

Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

What’s happening this month?

  • If you know us well, you’ll know we’ve been working on our own house. It’s nestled at the back of the Hall, quite well hidden, but it’s our pride and joy – as well as the Hall, of course. Anthony has been busy completing lots of the work by hand and it’s going to look fantastic when it’s complete. We’re getting closer to the finish line.
  • We’ve been working hard to renovate the Hardwick apartment and we can’t wait to show you some pictures. The Hardwick is the smallest of our apartments and offers a cosy setting, perfect for a couples get-a-way, but it can sleep up to four people. The snug living space has food preparation facilities and one sofa in the living room. You will be amazed by the changes. It’s been (another) labour of love, but so worth it!
  • What else has been going on? A wedding! During the first weekend in April, we celebrated our first wedding of the season here at Hargate Hall. We love weddings, and it’s always so special when the Hall is filled with guests and happy faces. Treacle Town Pie Company catered this wedding, and they shared some fantastic pictures.

We’re also keeping up with the general maintenance of the Hall. And of course, we are getting ready for even more weddings!

Thanks for being here! We’ll be back next month with an update to let you know what we’ve been up to.

All our love,

The Knox Family