What is a DIY Wedding Venue?

You’ve heard the phrase ‘DIY wedding’, you’ve maybe even considered having your own DIY wedding, but what does it really mean? And what about a DIY wedding venue? What is it and how does it work? Keep reading as we explore this topic in this blog post…

What is a DIY wedding venue?

In simple terms, a DIY wedding venue is a property (or wedding setting) that allows you to make it your own, also known as, ‘do it yourself’. This is a pretty similar definition to a DIY wedding too. It can mean you have the freedom to decorate the venue how you wish, you have the freedom to choose your own suppliers and you may even have the freedom to plan your whole wedding the way YOU want to.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Here at Hargate Hall, we are a true DIY wedding venue. This means we let you make all of the decisions. It’s worth noting that some venues may call themselves a DIY wedding venue – but they might not give the freedom you’d expect with that label. You should always ask your venue to clarify what they mean.

This is what we mean by our DIY wedding venue.

Our ‘do it yourself’ wedding venue service in Buxton works by providing you with the venue and space that you need for your big day. Hargate Hall will become your house for the weekend so you’ll have full operation of the place, meaning you can plan and produce the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

Our self-catering wedding services mean you can get married and celebrate with your family and friends, just how you want to. We understand every couple is unique and will be looking for something different for their special day. That’s why we provide a DIY wedding venue.

Questions to ask your wedding venue

When considering a wedding venue, especially a DIY wedding venue, it’s important to ask lots of questions. We’ve listed a few to get you started and to help you judge how ‘DIY’ the venue really is.

  1. Can I choose the time of the ceremony?
  2. Can I choose my own suppliers?
  3. Do you have a corkage charge?
  4. Do you have a quiet time (a cut-off time for the wedding party)?
  5. Can I decorate the venue with my own style?
  6. Can I select my own layout for the ceremony and wedding breakfast?
  7. What restrictions do you impose?
  8. Will someone be on hand on the wedding day?

We’ve listed even more questions for you to ask you’ve venue, in our 30 questions blog post, you can read this here.

A DIY (do it yourself) wedding isn’t for everyone

As the name states, there is lots of work involved and you do have to ‘do it yourself’. However, it also gives you freedom and choice. We can offer lots of advice and set you up to ensure you get the day you’ve dreamed of.

We can offer suggestions and help you to create your unique style and decorate the Hall in your own unique way. We are ready and waiting for your DIY wedding enquiry. You can call us on 01298 872591. Or email us at info@hargate-hall.co.uk with the dates you’d like to book, and we’ll get straight back to you.