What is the Weather like in Buxton?

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK even if the weather forecast is never right, forever changing. So let’s talk about Buxton the highest market town in the UK reaching a whopping 1000f above sea level, it seems to have its own climate and the weather is as unpredictable as anywhere else, scaling back to June 1975 when a cricket match between Lancashire and Derbyshire was halted due to inches of snow. So summarising the weather in Buxton could never be easy or 100% accurate. It’s better to expect the unexpected any time of the year.

Buxton is famous for its bottled water sold all over the UK, and no they don’t bottle the stuff up from the sky although that may be hard to believe it’s from the ground and absolutely delicious. Buxton is known for its damp weather but don’t let that deter you. It’s a beautiful place and not all doom and gloom there are so many reasons to visit and you’re guaranteed a good time whatever the weather.

Going by the last 10 years, May is more likely to be sunny than August, although May 2021 was the wettest ever recorded proving how unpredictable the weather can be. Please remember this is just a guide and nothing is set in stone, no one can truly prepare for the British weather.

All You Need To Know About The Weather in Buxton
All You Need To Know About The Weather in Buxton
All You Need To Know About The Weather in Buxton

Buxton Weather - What To Expect

January - February

As stated previously it can snow just about anytime in Buxton but statistics prove it’s more likely to show its face in the earlier months of the year. We talked to the older residents of the Buxton community and they all say winters are nowhere near as bad as they used to be, recounting times they have been snowed in and cut off from the world for weeks. The town can still be easily isolated with just a few inches of snow this is because of its difficult roads and winding hills. Luckily times have changed and the internet is a saviour for many with its local weather updates.

March - April

Don’t get your hopes up for birds cheeping and beautiful blooming flowers in these months in Buxton. We know from talking to locals that winter usually outstays its welcome; most are usually still in their winter coats and using the heating. Although it’s still a lovely few months to visit as there are plenty of cozy places to visit and Corbar Woods and its blossoming blue bells are a magical scene.

May - June

May and June have proved to be the best months for sunshine in the last decade , so if you love the outdoors and a new adventure then these are great months to visit. During covid 19 in may 2020 Buxton had one of its hottest May ever recorded.

July - August

Buxton does experience summer in summer but there is no guarantee that the heavens won’t open at any time. Local residents say it’s a good idea to carry an umbrella and raincoat at all times, soggy summers aren’t uncommon in Buxton.

September - October

Although dark nights and longer days are drawing in Buxton is a beautiful place to visit in the autumn months , the scenery is amazing and the temperatures tend to stay in double figures. It’s also a less rainy season for Buxton so you may be able to put your umbrella in retirement for a little while.

November - December

As bonfire night approaches we head into one of the rainiest seasons whilst building a bonfire is easy getting it lit is a whole different story, snow in November isn’t unheard of. Buxton is home to some amazing shops if you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping just remember to wrap up!

When Is Best To Visit Buxton?

There really is no answer as to when the best time to visit Buxton is. It all depends on you and the environment you prefer. Buxton is a beautiful place all year round and there’s always events and festivals to attend. So, if you’re planning on visiting Buxton and need somewhere to stay, then be sure to book with Hargate Hall today. We have a fantastic range of self-catering apartments to choose from.