The Rise in Popularity of UK Staycations

Although sometimes for us Brits, holidays abroad seem like the perfect option. Over 40 million tourists visited the UK in 2022, and there are some beautiful hotspots and tourist attractions right here. Over recent years, staycations have become increasingly popular with the British public. From sandy sunny beaches, to national forests and local holiday self catering. So is traveling for a staycation in the UK better than a trip abroad?

Obviously there are positives and negatives with both, just like anything else in life.
Staycations are rapidly gaining popularity statistics show that as of 2023 over 73% of Brit’s prefer to book a staycation rather than travel abroad. So it’s pretty clear that there are some amazing places to travel in the UK. Keep reading below to find out more about why UK staycations have become so popular.

UK Staycations vs Holidays Abroad
UK Staycations vs Holidays Abroad
UK Staycations vs Holidays Abroad

Why Have Staycations Become So Popular?

Staying in the UK is Cheaper

It’s no secret with the current cost of living crisis in the UK that people are trying to save money wherever possible. Even though traveling abroad can seem appealing the increasing prices do not, even with the amazing deals offered by travel companies unfortunately all the little expenses add up and become off putting to many families. It’s even harder once you get there to save on expenses especially in an unfamiliar location.

It's More Environmentally Friendly

In more recent years people have become more aware of the environment and the ways they can be more friendly to the climate. Flying is a huge factor in the ever growing earth’s pollution, so it’s no wonder people are trading journeys abroad for stays at home.

Save On The Brexit Travel Hassle

It’s no surprise that people’s anxiety has been raised about traveling abroad post Brexit a lot of things we take for granted have been taken away such as free emergency health care and mobile data roaming charges. Travel to Europe is being widely avoided by most in the UK, as travelling to some countries is not as easy as it once was.

The Easy Option

Traveling outside of the UK can be stressful for most people with so much to soften out and so many worries to overcome. There’s so many rules and regulations to comply with when traveling such as luggage weight, passports, arriving at the airport on time queues and delayed flights the list is endless for most people they would rather avoid inconvenience and stress. Staycations are a much more relaxed environment, being able to travel and pack at your own leisure, most even let you take your dog or pet along with you allowing you to create amazing memories with the whole family. If a long staycation isn’t an option for you then mini weekend breaks are always available too, also a great alternative for people who hate spending a lot of time traveling.

Is Staying in the UK All Positives?

We aren’t saying that UK holidays are all sunshine and rainbows of course there are negatives just like anything else in life. Firstly we all know that saying ‘changes like the weather’ yup the good old UK weather is always unpredictable sunshine one minute, rain and hailstone the next. Traveling abroad does give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather without the unpredictability.

Whilst public transport and driving yourself to your staycation destination may seem appealing and a lot more cost effective, it’s important to account for other things such as the luxury of eating out or visiting popular hotspots these things can become expensive and tend to be more pricey in the UK, look for vouchers and deals that may help you save money along the way.

Should I Book A Staycations?

It all boils down to research and getting yourself on the internet. There’s plenty of amazing deals out there whether you’re staying in the UK or jetting off abroad. Holidays are all about relaxation and switching off from the stress and worry of everyday life whether you decide on a staycation in the uk or somewhere abroad then your goal can be achieved by doing either, it all boils down to personal preference and what you and your family can afford.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!! And don’t forget if you’re looking for a countryside staycation in the UK, then Hargate Hall is the perfect option for you.