Top Reasons To Go On Holiday Without The Children

Thinking of getting away for an adults only vacation but not sure if it’s worth it, then you could consider booking a holiday without children. Many people might think going on holiday without the kids is sacrilegious, however more and more people are choosing to holiday without their children. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and believe it or not, holidaying without the kids offered a wide range of benefits. Below are a few reasons we think it’s worth consideration.

You Time

Lots of parents feel guilty when going away and leaving the kids at home , they also experience feelings of selfishness. But everyone deserves some “ME TIME” . We all need a break and there’s no shame in admitting it. It’s important to take time out for your own mental and physical well being as well as growing as a parent. Try and change your frame of mind and think of a child free vacation as a positive and not a negative.

Building On Your Relationship

Having no kids around means more bonding time for you and your partner or spouse. There are plenty of activities available that can help your bond grow stronger or it could just be some relaxed down time to reconnect with each other.

Enjoy Child-Free Experiences

It’s no surprise children and adults enjoy different activities and getting away without the children provides an opportunity to do things you really enjoy. You can explore and experience things you might not be able to if the children were with you.

Avoid The Bridesmaid Trap

Parents’ behaviour reflects on their children in the future, getting away without them provides a great example of self care  and could transpire into children following on their parent’s doorsteps. Most parents worry that because the children aren’t included in certain activities it’s bad for them this is 100% not the case. Leaving your children is nothing but positive and helps them develop relationships with other people outside of the family. Statistics prove that children are happy when their parents are happy.

Holidays Without The Children
Holidays Without The Children
Holidays Without The Children

How To Plan Your Child-Free Holiday

All parents know how tricky childcare can be even if it’s just for date night or going for a meal once in a while so finding a sitter for a week may be tricky so planning in advance is a must , down to the finest of details. Having plans in place means you can also communicate this to the children and give them plenty of time to prepare and get their heads around the plans for while you’re away.

Split Duties

Family size also plays an important part in plans sometimes and it could be easier to split the duties between family members.


Like most families these days we have plans for our money and budgets we need to meet. So if you’re heading off and leaving the children behind it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure the freezer and cupboards are well stocked and even save a little each week so they can enjoy a few days out. Not all family members are down for cooking every night of the week so you could even meal prep to make things a little easier as well as providing peace of mind for yourself.

Clear Expectations

Be sure to sit down with the children and set out some ground rules before you head off, let them know what’s going to be happening when you’re away such as who’s picking them up from school? This way they won’t feel like rabbits in the headlights and know what to expect. Helping to ease yours and their nerves.


Let others know you’re going away such as teachers and neighbours give them your contact email should any emergencies arise. Getting away without the children is a once in a lifetime experience for some people so whether it be with your partner, family or friends it’s important to make the absolute most of it. It’s super important to make the most of your time away no matter who you’re going with. Time is precious.