Corporate Travel - Planning Your Business Trip

If you’re looking to impress new clients and branching out your business then a well planned business trip makes a lasting impression. We may live in the time we’re technology connects us but it’s not always possible to do what we want to do and face to face meetings are a must. Business trips are ideal if you’re looking to sign off on new deals or develop new business relationships.

For a successful business trip it’s important to plan right down to the last detail , it’s important to feel comfortable and successful in your trip. For a successful trip being focused and organized is key. You want to make an excellent first impression after all first impressions count. Staying alert and on guard throughout your trip is a key part in ensuring all goes well.

Planning A Business Trip
Planning A Business Trip
Planning A Business Trip

Planning and Preparing For Business Travel

Planning and preparation is key to any successful corporate business trip whether you’re managing or traveling. It’s hugely important to research your chosen travel companies policies and procedures. Keep in mind you’re planning a business trip not a holiday following the company’s procedures is vital.

Consider all aspects of travel, not just how you’re going to get from one place to the other, consider all journeys in between. Also it’s worth considering time tables , insurance policies and any other expenses along the way. As well as the main route, plan other routes if you are traveling by car should you run into any unexpected issues on the day.

Research the area you’re looking at staying and look for deals and reservations you may need to make. Make extra accommodations should you need to and make the most of the resources available to you and your team, company’s usually have budgets that need to be stuck to.

Choosing The Right Accommodation for Business Travel

Getting prepared is just the start so putting plans into action is the next port of call , it’s important that the accommodation you choose meets the needs of your trip and can accommodate you and your team should you be traveling with one. Choosing accommodation central to your trip’s activities and meetings is critical. Keep in mind this is a business trip and nothing personal, the surroundings may be lavish but that’s not the most important thing.

You must consider things such as travel , whether it’s easily accessible and will WIFI be available. You or your employer may have hotels or locations they use regularly and already have a discount or better rate in place. Research what qualities your chosen location has to offer such as free wifi, 24 hour room service or simply what time meals will be served.

Scheduling and Your Business Travel

Time tables and schedules are an important part of any successful business trip , also any sort of plan for the day is useful. If people can see what needs to be accomplished that day and when things are guaranteed to run much smoother. Whether you’re planning for yourself or someone else, take into consideration any delays that could be encountered. If you yourself have a busy schedule share it with someone else and let them know you are reachable should things fall a little behind.

Documentation for Business Travel

Getting the right documentation for any trip can be a bit of a headache and business trips are no different in fact more often than not require a little more attention to detail. just overlooking something simple can leave all your hard work time and effort up in the air.

Paperwork You Might Need For Business Travel

  1. Valid overseas passport
  2. Visas (if applicable)
  3. Tickets for transportation
  4. Written agreements (hotel bookings, vehicle hire, insurance documents)
  5. Photo ID or documentation

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