Can I Cook Christmas Dinner In Self Catering Accommodation?

One of the biggest staples of Christmas is Christmas dinner and some people who go away for Christmas, choose to eat out. However that can be quite difficult to do if you book self catering at Christmas at short notice or if you have a large family; plus it can be expensive as well. So, this is where the question comes from of can I cook Christmas dinner in my self catering apartment?

The simple answer is yes you can cook your Christmas dinner in self catering accommodation, especially if you book with Hargate Hall. Our apartments come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to cook your Christmas lunch. From oven to pots and pans and much more, you should have more than enough to cook yourself a Christmas dinner. Whilst you might not be able to serve up a 3 course meal with all the trimmings, we are confident if you plan it well, you could cook yourself a lovely piece of meat with plenty of tasty vegetables and not to forget lashings of delicious gravy as well. (Don’t forget Yorkshire puddings either – yes they do belong on a Christmas dinner).

Can You Cook A Christmas Dinner in Self Catering?
Can You Cook A Christmas Dinner in Self Catering?
Can You Cook A Christmas Dinner in Self Catering?

Cooking A Christmas Dinner in Self Catering Accommodation

When it comes to cooking a Christmas dinner in your self catering apartments, you’ll have plenty of space and if you rope in your family to help it could be a great experience for everyone involved as well. They say Christmas is all about family and cooking Christmas dinner together in your self catering apartment could be a great bonding experience and it’s sure to create some amazing memories as well.

Cooking a Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be hard or laborious either, whilst everyone loves fresh vegetables you might take a few shortcuts and treat yourself to some pre-made stuffing or even mash potato to save the hassle of making everything from scratch. We have some great tips for starters, your main and dessert to help make the Christmas dinner run much smoother. Some of which are:

Soup – nice and easy option, you can even get some great pre-made ones.
Cheese & Crackers – who doesn’t love cheese and crackers? Lovely and tasty and almost no preparation needed.

Turkey – it has to be Turkey it’s Christmas (ok if you don’t like Turkey, then a nice joint of beef is passable).
Pigs in Blankets – is it even Christmas without pigs in blankets?
Fresh Vegetables – carrots, peas, broccoli, turnip, good hearty vegetables that belong on any dinner.
Roasted Veg – Roasties and Parsnip are a must for Christmas and we’d expect them nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
Stuffing – no soggy stuff either, stuffing balls are passable, but the perfect blend of soft stuffing with a crispy top can’t be beaten.
Yorkshire Puddings – love them or hate them on a Christmas dinner, you definitely need them. Try a Yorkshire pudding sandwich and you’ll never look back.
Gravy – lashings of it and more, make sure you keep your meat and veg juices to get the best taste too.

Chocolate Cake – can you really best chocolate cake? It’s easy to buy one ready made as well
Cheesecake – you can even make this fresh or few days before.
Ice cream – you can’t get easier than ice cream, you only have to scoop it out of the tub. Or if you’re feeling nostalgic treat yourself to a vienetta

Booking A Christmas Stay At Hargate Hall

If you’re looking to get away for Christmas, whether it’s this year or next, then Hargate Hall Is the perfect place for you. We offer fully equipped self catering accommodation that has everything you need to cook your own Christmas dinner. Or if you’re booking with plenty of time before the big day, then we can always recommend a few local eateries that offer Christmas lunch as well. Contact us today to discuss your Christmas booking in more detail.