Are You Missing A Wedding Risk Assessment?

Weddings and risk assessments don’t seem to go hand in hand, but should they?

A wedding risk assessment is a simple examination of what could go wrong on your big day, followed by a list of solutions or mitigations to prevent these things from happening.

A Wedding Risk Assessment

We know what you’re thinking, weddings and risk assessments? Those two words might not be what you’d expected to see together. Maybe a risk assessment doesn’t fill you with excitement. Maybe it doesn’t sound creative and seems like it’s just a box-ticking exercise. Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

When we’re talking about your wedding risk assessments, we’re not talking about slips, trips and falls (although, of course, health and safety are important) we’re talking about your assessment of your personal wedding elements. This is especially important for a DIY wedding as you are responsible for bringing your whole wedding together and with multiple suppliers, extensive plans and lots of guests that’s where details can get missed.

What could be on your wedding risk assessment?

Your wedding risk assessment is a detailed document. It should contain a list of every single possible thing that could go wrong on your wedding day and, most importantly, what you would do about it. For example, a supplier not turning up an unexpected power-cut. Your risk assessment is a bit like a contingency plan. We want to stress. It’s very unlikely these events will happen, but it’s better to be prepared and to have considered what you might do, or who you’ll contact. Let’s explore the reasons why you need a wedding risk assessment in more detail.

Reasons why you need a wedding risk assessment

They save a lot of stress. A wedding risk assessment is a document personalised to your wedding. It is objective and detailed and prevents stress due to planning and preparing ahead of time.

Everyone is clear on the plan. All friends helping with your DIY wedding should be given a copy of this document. It means everyone knows how to deal with problems, saving time and panic should things go wrong.

Problems are less likely to happen. By planning your solutions for problems, chances are things will be less likely to go wrong. You will have spotted potential pitfalls early on and you will have acted on weaker areas of your wedding.

You will feel more confident and in control. Once you’ve taken time to look at what could go wrong, you will feel more confident knowing you are prepared for the worst-case scenario. Things are never as bad as you imagined, anyway.

A wedding risk assessment isn’t something to worry about; think of it as an extension of your planning process. Just like your wedding insurance, we hope you won’t need it, but it’s there just in case.

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