Should I Get Married in the Summer?

When it comes to weddings, it can be difficult to know the best time to get married, from the date to the month and even the season. Obviously the first thought for many people is to get married in the summer, but even with summer weddings there are a number of things you need to consider and take into consideration. Although, we can never guarantee sunshine with the British weather, it is still usually quite warm during the summer month and when it comes to weddings, trust us when we say heat can have the biggest impact on your day. From the type of dress you choose to where your cake is positioned, summer weddings take a lot of planning and preparation to pull off without a hitch.

We have hosted many summer weddings over the years, in fact it’s one of our busiest periods for weddings, so we know what you need to consider to ensure the big day runs smoothly. Keep reading below to find out what you need to take into consideration when planning a summer wedding, to ensure both you and your guests have a day to remember, for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

Top Considerations For Summer Weddings

If you’re planning to get married in the summer, then there are a number of things to take into consideration, most of these are aimed around comfort and to avoid disaster on the big day, trust us when we say, no one wants a melting cake or a sweaty bride. Our team at Hargate Hall have put their heads together and come up with some of the top things you need to consider when planning a summer weddings, some of which are:

  • The Cake – Many people don’t understand the impact that temperature can have on cakes, from the type of cake you choose to how long it’s on display for, you’ll want to ensure your cake remains perfect throughout the day. If your wedding is planned on a warm or hot summer day, then our advice would be to keep the cake refrigerated or our of the way in a cool area until just people you are about to cut it. Buttercream has a bad habit of melting in the heat, so you’ll need to ensure it remains shaded until you are ready to cut it.


  • The Outfits – From the suit the groom wears to the dress of the bride, you’ll want to ensure you’re using light materials during the day, so you don’t find yourself getting a bit too sweaty. Tweed and linen suits are the perfect option for summer and light lace dresses are perfect for any summer wedding and they look great as well.


  • Guests – Trust us when we say your guests will start getting hot and flustered if it’s too warm, so you might even consider a marquee wedding for your big day. Marquee weddings are a great way to keep cool and they provide a fantastic experience as well, it allows you to combine both the inside and outside for the perfect wedding day.


  • Transport – Although a lot of people opt for cars, it’s the most common option for wedding vehicles, however, a covered top care might get too hot, especially if you and the bridal party are in there, so might opt for an option that have a removable roof or why not go all out with a horse drawn carriage.
Getting Married in the Summer – What You Need To Know
Getting Married in the Summer – What You Need To Know
Getting Married in the Summer – What You Need To Know

What Months Are Popular For Summer Weddings?

Although we get a fair bit of sun during the summer months, it can be hard to pick which months are most likely to get the warm days and sunshine. Well, we have the answer for you, most weddings in the summer take place between June or August. June is usually before any children break up for school, which can make it much easier on the accommodation front, especially if your guests are having to travel for their wedding. Where as July and August, everyone is ready for a break and something fun to do, which makes them perfect for weddings too.

How Much Do Summer Weddings Cost?

It’s unlikely you’re going to want to hear it, but summer weddings aren’t cheap. Wedding seasons is between May and October, and the height of wedding seasons is during the peak of summer. So if you’re planning a wedding, then you need to expect that the costs are likely going to be higher during the summer months, than off-peak wedding season. The average cost of a wedding in the UK during peak season is around £19,000 and those keeping to a tighter budget or who get things for great prices, usually land in at around £10,000.

Book A Summer Wedding At Hargate Hall

Hargate Hall is the perfect place to book a summer weddings, from the venue to the beautiful surrounding gardens, our venue sparkles in the summer months. However, we do usually get extremely busy during the summer months, so you’ll need to get your booking in early to secure the date you want, we offer both weddings in the hall itself and we have a stunning wedding marquee which is perfect for any couple looking to get married in the summer. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a viewing of our venue.