Getting Into Gear For Your Summer Holiday

I think we can all agree that this winter has been long and very cold and everyone is still waiting for that springtime sunshine to break through. (Fingers crossed any day now). It’s certainly crazy that at the start of the pandemic, it was March and we were hitting record temperatures, and some days in March this year, we are still reaching the minus temperatures. Well, don’t let the cold bring you down and with spring seeming still a way off, now is the perfect time for you to be planning your summer holiday.

Yes, we know the British summertime is exactly Greece, but we do get a lot of nice warm weather and some lovely sunshine, and it wouldn’t be the UK without the odd unexpected summer shower. So, you don’t need to worry about the weather, as you know we always get quite a few warm days between June and August, so between then is the perfect time for you to book a UK summer holiday. Now you might be wondering where to go, well we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t suggest booking a stay at Hargate Hall.

Why Should I Book My Summer Holiday So Far in Advance?

Well, from our experience we can tell you that the summer is an extremely busy period and usually the only accommodation you can find at the last minute, is the places no one wants to stay or those with last minute cancellations and we guarantee you’ll be paying a premium as well. Booking your summer holiday in advance gives you plenty of time to save money for things to do and buy, but it also means you’re much more likely to get a better deal on your accommodation as well.

We all know August is the best time to take a break, as the kids are already off school, but it’s also when everyone else is going on holiday as well. So, why not consider a June or July holiday? Oh damn, that’s right, school can get in the way of that and we’d never suggest for people to call their school with the whole household of children coming down with chickenpox or something just as contagious, that you’d need to stay as far away from the school as possible.

Why You Need To Be Planning Your Summer Holiday NOW!
Why You Need To Be Planning Your Summer Holiday NOW!
Why You Need To Be Planning Your Summer Holiday NOW!

What Can I Do On A British Summer Holiday?

British summer holidays aren’t as boring as you might think, there are still lots of great things to see and do, especially when you stay at Hargate Hall (another cheeky little plug for ourselves there). One of the reasons so many people love holidaying in the UK is they get to experience things and places, they wouldn’t even know existed or visit usually. It also allows you to get away from busy town or city life and experience somewhere a little more chill and relaxed. Some of the top things people do when they choose summer vacations in the Britain are:

  • Country Walks – There honestly not as boring as they sound, the chance to disconnect from the real world (you will probably lose mobile signal), and just enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine, exploring things such as rivers, old rural walks or even the rolling hills of the Peak District.
  • History – Britain is steeped in history, in fact we have so much of our own history, they apparently keep a lot of artefacts locked up in warehouses because we don’t have enough place to display it all, so by visiting smaller places such as Buxton, you get to experience local history, from the baths to the beautiful architect and much more.
  • Food & Drink – Do you really want to go to Spain and be brandished a lager lout or a ginaholic, well when you holiday in the UK, your among friends and trust us when we say, we’ll join you with a gin or whatever might tickle your fancy, because when it comes to indulging in good food and drink, it’s something we can get onboard with.
  • The Car Games – Nobody really enjoys flying, the food is usually bad and we guarantee there’ll be someone smelly on the plane, so with a UK holiday you can just drive there yourself. But why not make it old school, put the ipads in the boot, the phones down and build some family memories playing some of those stupidly traditional car games, such as eye spy, red car/yellow car (just make sure you’re good at it, because you could end up getting a bruise if you’re too late to spot on), plus there’s loads of other great stuff to do in the car, and you can take detours to check out other areas as well.

So… What Are You Going To Book Your Summer Holiday? (Like Now?)

So, have we managed to persuade you yet? Not only is a summer holiday in the UK a great thing to do, but it’s guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime as well. And don’t forget to book your holiday early, so you can get the best deals for your budget. But, better yet, why not choose Hargate Hall for your summer holiday? We are situated near Buxton and our building is steeped in history, we are close to a number of major towns and surrounded by the Derbyshire countryside and Peak District hills and so much more. Plus our self catered apartments, give you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to accommodation as well.