Ways To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year, where the pressure is definitely on, whether you take it seriously or you play it lightly, your partner will likely be expecting something on Valentine’s Day. Be it something extravagant like a break away or a little more muted like a nice quiet meal away from the kids, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year, where you can show your other half how much you love them. However, it is important to remember that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day differently, some people do like to go all out, others like to do things more personal, so you should do what you feel is the best fit for your partner.

It’s not about the money you spend or what you have planned, it’s certainly not about what everyone else is doing either, it’s about doing something together that ensures your loving flame stays alight. Below we’ll cover some of the top surprises to give your other half this Valentine’s Day, remember it doesn’t matter who you love, because at the end of the day, love is love and love proceeds all. Keep reading below to find out more about some of our top ways to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 Ways To Surprise Your Other Half On Valentine's Day

Now Christmas and New Year are out the way, the next big thing on the list is Valentine’s Day (unless a birthday falls between this). So, with only around 14 days for most people to plan a celebration, (let’s face it we are all skint in January, so planning for Valentine’s Day isn’t going to happen until your January pay day), it’s time to get your thinking cap on to find ways to surprise your other half this Valentine’s Day. But, we know how difficult it can be to come up with ideas, so we have put our thinking caps on for you and come up with some of the top ways, we think you can surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day.

How To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day
How To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day
How To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentine's Day

Keep It Personal

We fully understand that budgets are tight and you might not have the money to pull out all the stops on Valentine’s Day and that’s nothing to be ashamed of or worried about, because it’s your love for each other that matters the most. So, let’s start by keeping it personal and doing something that will make your loved one smile, cry or laugh, for free or very little money. When it comes to personal Valentine’s Day gifts, you could consider something like writing them a letter, covering things such as special memories or how you see your future together. Or why not get one of your favourite pictures together frames, the thing is with Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to cost money, it’s about showing your other half you love them.

Get The Flowers Out

One of the biggest symbols of Valentine’s Day is flowers, especially roses. So, if you don’t want to break the bank but still want to show your partner how special they are to you, then why not consider getting the good old flowers out. Whos other half wouldn’t love a bouquet of their favourite flavours or 12 red roses, and one of the great things these days is that if they are allergic to real flowers, then you could consider an artificial set instead. Flowers are a great personal touch, from keeping it traditional with roses or more personal with a bouquet of their favourite flowers, we guarantee your other half will love them either way (unless of course they hate flowers, then we strongly suggest not going with this option).

Ok... What About Traditional?

Who doesn’t love a bit of tradition? Well why not consider a nice meal together? You could either cook one or go out together, just the two of you. If you aren’t a good cook, then we suggest option B, the last thing you want is your other half getting a dicky tummy. Plus going out for a meal is a great way to escape normal life, it allows you to take your head away from work or the kids and just spend some quality time together. However, if you can cook, (even just a little), it will certainly make it more personal and you could even consider one of the nice meal deals available from Tesco or M&S; they always special selections for Valentine’s Day meals. Plus sometimes when you go to the effort of cooking, it shows your other half you’re trying to make it a more personal and intimate moment. (If you have kids, then we suggest shipping them off to the grandparents or maybe bribe them to stay in their rooms).

Maybe A Dive On The Wild Side

Well you could be personal or traditional, but maybe a dive on the wild side is more your cup of tea. Sometimes Valentine’s Day is a great way to relight the spark in your relationship or a chance to explore new things, well if you fancy taking a walk on the wild side, then you could consider something such as supercar driving experience, jumping out of a plane or something that will just take you both out of your comfort zone. Trust us, one good thing about taking a walk on the wild side, if you will certainly make some great memories when you do. Our top bit of advice, if you partner doesn’t like heights or is scared of flying, maybe avoid the jumping out the plane option.

Or? Why Not Go All Out?

If you fancy pulling out all the stops for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, then maybe you could take them away for a break away. Whether you go away for a nice spa day on Valentines or a romantic country break at somewhere like ourselves, Hargate Hall, there are lots of great show stopping things you can do, if you fancy going all out. However, we suggest booking with ourselves, who don’t love a nice weekend away and it will certainly get you in your other half’s good books.