After investigating a few holes (small ones!) that have appeared in the grounds after recent rain, we have found the route of the old HaHa that ran across the grounds at Hargate Hall. In the early 1900’s deer were kept in the lower part of the grounds and they were kept in by the HaHa and a dry stone wall.
At some point the wall collapsed and the stone and other debris were thrown into the ditch of the HaHa. thinking it would be a relatively quick job, I decided to start digging it out. In the process I have found all sorts of things – old ovens, zimmer frames (it was a care home for a while!), a car door, etc. After 2 weeks about half of it is now dug out but continual rain slowed progress to a standstill, so I have decided to let it all dry out before finishing it off.

I am only digging out 3 to 4 feet depth though it may go as much as 8 feet. Once done we plan to start keeping sheep. If nothing else it will save me a few hours a week cutting grass!