Help! Quick! Who Should Give The Wedding Speech?

Legally, there are no set criteria on who can give the wedding speeches. Although there are many traditions that continue to be embraced. Such as the best man’s speech, the father of the bride’s speech – the reality is that anyone can give a speech. It’s your wedding day and your decision. So, here’s some quick help to guide you in your speech etiquette.

Wedding speech options

Traditionally, you’ll find the father of the bride’s speech, followed by the groom’s speech, and everyone is given light relief then from the best men. But these traditions can feel a bit tiresome, and male dominated. Let’s look at some other options and tips for giving a speech.

  1. The father of the bride speech

One of the most popular wedding traditions is the father of the bride’s speech. Prepare to shed a tear or two, as there’s going to be no shortage of love with this one. But don’t think this is just reserved for dads. Whoever your parental figure might be, grandad, mum, auntie – having them give one of the speeches is a loving, personal touch to the day and we’re sure it will mean a lot to them.

  1. The best friend speech

This one could be dangerous, but in the most fun way. Close friends are some of the people who know us best. The laughter, the heartbreaks, they’ve probably seen it all. What direction will they take? Sentimental or hilarious? See what surprise awaits you on the day. Either way, it will stay with you forever. The best friend speech isn’t just reserved for ‘best men’. Think bridesmaids, or cousins, even consider that your best man, might not want to give a speech, so it could be nice to allow the option of passing the honour to someone else.

  1. The joint speech 

Put a twist on proceedings and give a joint speech with your partner to all your guests. You could test out your ability to become the new Ant and Dec? Maybe one of you is more nervous when it comes to public speaking. Part of the beauty of a joint speech is that you can support and bounce off each other. Who says the groom just gets to make a speech? Why not do it together?

  1. The open mic speech

Not for the fainthearted, and maybe encourage this activity to happen before the bar opens. This idea has more of an anything-goes approach to it. Prepare for lots of laughter. Ask some friends and family to act as host and invite guests up if they’d like to say something. It could be anything, from a nostalgic memory to a congratulatory message. Perhaps designate a time limit if you don’t want it to run too long. It’s also a great way to add an interactive element to the day.

  1. Wedding Quiz

You could get creative and turn the speech portion of the day into a quiz instead. You and your partner could host and have a giggle or two, seeing how well your loved ones know you. Or, someone close to you could take charge, and you can test the old memory bank. There’s lots of scope with this and lots of fun to be had. You can break with tradition and do things your way.

Wedding speeches are an area you can have endless fun with. Your wedding is a celebration with those who mean the most to you, so whoever ends up giving a speech is almost guaranteed to have a good story or two up their sleeves. Whether it’s nostalgia, laughter or anything in between, each speech will contribute to the loving atmosphere of your day.