Amazing Local Peak District Food Suppliers For Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions is choosing suppliers who will help bring your vision to life. While it may be tempting to go with big-name companies or national chains, there are many benefits to choosing local suppliers for your wedding.

Why Local Suppliers Can Be The Best

First, supporting local businesses is good for the local economy. By choosing local suppliers, you’re helping to create jobs and stimulate the local economy, rather than sending your money to distant corporate headquarters.

Second, local suppliers often offer unique and personalised services that can make your wedding more special and memorable. Local florists, for example, may be able to offer a wider variety of flowers and arrangements that are not available from national chains, and local caterers may be able to offer more creative and customised menus.

Third, local suppliers are often more flexible and responsive than national companies. Because they are smaller and more local, they can often offer more personalised service and are more willing to make changes and accommodate special requests.

Finally, choosing local suppliers can help reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Local suppliers are often able to provide fresher and more locally sourced ingredients, and they may also be able to offer more sustainable and eco-friendly options.

Local Peak District Suppliers We Love

If you’re planning a wedding in the Peak District, there are many local suppliers who can help make your big day special and unique. From florists and caterers, to photographers and musicians, the Peak District has a wealth of talented and experienced wedding suppliers who can help bring your vision to life.

There are so many suppliers to choose from, but we’ve selected five (very) local food businesses

  1. Pig & Pepper Bakery. Pig and Pepper is a small bakery and bread school serving delicious artisanal bread and sweet bakes.
  2. The Buxton Pudding Company. Curators of the infamous and original Buxton Pudding. Many from a recipe deriving from the Victorian era. The Buxton Pudding consists of a sweet pastry base, handmade raspberry preserve and a buttery crumble/crispy topping. It could make a perfect wedding day dessert.
  3. Bradburys Cheese. For over 135+ years, Bradburys Cheese has strived to deliver the best cheese in the world to its customers. With over 400 varieties of you’re sure to find one you’ll love. A great option for a late-night snack?
  4. Buxton Coffee Roasters. Specialising in hand roasted ethically sourced speciality coffees, this local coffee company could add a hit of caffeine to your special day.
  5. Charlotte’s Chocolates. Almost all the delicious range of truffles on sale are handmade on the premises, from the very finest ingredients – including the best chocolate Belgium has to offer. These delicacies could look amazing as favours.

Hargate Hall Weddings

Choosing local suppliers for your wedding can offer a range of benefits, from supporting the local economy and providing unique and personalised services, to reducing your environmental impact and making your wedding more special and memorable – not to mention tasty! We can share lots of insight into the best suppliers for your special day. Call us on 01298 872591 to talk about your 2023 wedding dates. Or email us at with the dates you’d like to book, and we’ll get straight back to you.