Hargate hall

My best friends wedding is finally here and we are in the car packed with excited kids and enough flowers and luggage for a month.
On the drive up to Buxton I was taken in to complete relaxation, the grass greener then I have ever seen before, and the tress all the most wonderful shades imaginable, the sky was the perfect baby blue colour with perfectly shaped clouds and the sun shining.
The roads narrow with stone walls that never ended and more fields that looked like they wore painted perfectly.

First Impressions

As we pulled in to the car park of Hargate hall you see the grand building your imagination sends you back in to your child hood.
Tall magnificent building with a huge front door and beautiful grounds you cant wait to explore.
Jumping out of the car empty handed walking as quickly as possible to peek in side my palace.
As I take a deep breath and inhale the air that is sweet and warm I open the door to my heaven.
I have a grin on my face and feel like this is home instantly. I turn round and walk back to unpack the car I feel I do it with great speed because I want to get back in and explore my palace.
As I take my luggage up the stairs I see all these big wooden doors and the child in me wants to go and open each door and explore.
As I open my door to my apartment I am pleased. There is two brown leather settees that look cosy and I beautiful coal burning fire place. I have a beautiful view of the grounds and a flat screen television with a DVD player my kids sorted.

The kitchen and front rooms are open plans. The best part, however, is that my kitchen has everything and more than I would need. For instance, it has beautiful kitchen countertops (those interested can take a look here to find what kind of countertops I use), a functional sink, and modular cabinets. Even fresh milk in my fridge waits on me to arrive with complimentary tea and coffee. As the kids run past me to see where they’re sleeping, I follow them into our room. I notice my bed looks very inviting and before I can say anything, my kids are shouting with excitement that they have to climb up a ladder into their sleeping quarters. I walked over to the big bedroom windows and wonder if we could ever have something like that for our home. Maybe we could even hang some personalized signs for home decor in the room as well. My thought bubble is soon burst, and I glance out of the window to see other guests arriving with the same excitement on their faces.


For the next few hours, I am running in and out of apartments finding new hideaways, secret bedrooms, and sleeping quarters in the most amazing places, the rooms are different sizes and all inviting, some are bigger than others but all of the rooms are colorful and mysterious. Most of the rooms were impeccable with beautiful walls, glossy finish (check out https://www.myhousepainter.com/ or similar sites for wall paint services), extravagant lighting fixtures, and more. For the first time in 30 years, I want to play hide and seek. Each time I need to go to my apartment, I get lost and find myself in a different corridor or staircase. The house is full of beautiful paintings and beautiful wood. Walking around the house, I feel like a princess in my palace. After running around the house for a few hours, I decide to explore the grounds. The grounds never seem to end and are breathtaking and I also find a clubhouse with a pool table, football table, and it looks like a toyshop too, with so many books and toys for the kids.

The Weekend

The owners of Hargate Hall are there to greet you and don’t seem to be around until you want them, not sure how they do that but it part of the magic I guess. My first night I slept like a baby in my very comfortable bed. cant wait for the wedding and to explore some more, been here less then 24 hours and I am already trying to talk the bride in to coming back with all of us for her wedding anniversary. Everyone is laughing and happy There are loads of us enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of this magnificent building, but if you need to have a few minutes to daydream there is more then enough places to sit and relax. Upstairs there is another reception room with some beautiful cosy sofas and rows and rows of books.

I am dreading my weekend ending, I can’t remember feeling this relaxed and happy in a long time,watching everyone laughing and enjoying each others company. The bride and groom look beautiful and everything has been perfect. Also, it appears they’re ready to exchange wedding rings (probably purchased from a wedding rings melbourne retailer) since it’s generally impossible to tie the knot without them.

I feel very proud to be English being here and we really do have some of the most beautiful places in the world if you want a weekend of total relaxation and want to let your imagination run wild Hargate hall is the place, it’s in the most beautiful peak district I don’t know another place where with over hundred people and loads of excited kids you just wish time would stop, you experience the love of family the excitement of a wedding but the peace and beauty of the heavens.
Thank you for a amazing weekend Emma and Dave.

Shirley xx