Are Wedding Traditions Still Popular?

Wedding traditions are something that have been passed down through the generations. Whether it’s a family tradition or something that is age old, wedding traditions still play a huge part in many ceremonies. Whether it’s for a connection to the past or to simply avoid bad luck many people still employ a number of wedding traditions when it comes to their big day. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life and adding in a few classic traditions could help to make it that bit more special, whatever you decide we guarantee your day will be a magical one. In this blog we’ll cover a number of wedding traditions that are still highly popular with couples to this day.

5 Popular Wedding Traditions

1. Something Old, Something New

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is one of the oldest and most memorable wedding traditions. It’s something that has been passed down the generations and it’s stuck with many happy couples, whether it’s two brides, a bride and groom, or two grooms, many couples still love to carry out the tradition and many see it as a way to connect with the past, cement the future and to also help prevent any bad luck as well.

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2. Tossing The Bouquet

Tossing the bouquet is a must, most brides will carry one down the aisle and as marriages have evolved over the years, so has the tradition. Whether it’s a gay wedding or traditional marriage, many people still toss the bouquet or even their boutonnieres. The tradition is whoever catches the flowers is the next one to get married, so be prepared for some potential tumbles between those wannabe brides and just cross your fingers it doesn’t land on something who isn’t quite ready.

3. Walking Down The Aisle

The term, giving the bride away, has become dated and traditionally it was the bride being walked down the aisle by their dad, and although it still applied to many weddings, people have adapted it to suit their needs. Whether it’s a mother giving a groom away, a father giving a bride away or even a grandad giving their grandson away, the options are endless. The most important thing is you’re happy with who is walking you down the aisle. Families are so diverse now it’s important to adapt traditions to make them fit the modern world.

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4. Not Seeing The Bride or Groom

One of the longest standing traditions is to not see the bride or groom before the big day and this is a tradition that is nearly always still stuck to. Whether it’s a couple staying in a hotel or one going back to their parents for one night, many people still consider it bad luck to see their bride or groom before they walk down the aisle to tie the knot. This tradition actually connects with walking down the aisle, as by splitting the pair before the big day, means one of them needs to arrive at church before the one walking down the aisle, this adds an element of surprise for both.

5. The Ring Finger

You have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, so you might ask why people only wear the ring on what is considered the ring finger. The ring finger in most cultures is the fourth finger on the left hand. This tradition actually goes all the way back to Roman times and they believed this finger connected directly to the heart by a vein, which they dubbed the vein of love. Since its inception in Roman times, the tradition has stuck around and many brides and grooms still wear their wedding ring on the ring finger.

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Getting Married At Hargate Hall

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