Stunning DIY Wedding Decorations Under £50

Although weddings have a reputation for being expensive, there are ways we can save some of that budget. Wedding decorations are a great place to start. While elements such as the venue can be pricey, we can be creative in sourcing decorations. There are some gorgeous pieces of décor out there which won’t break the bank, and we’ve put some ideas together down below…

Post box

A creative alternative to a more conventional guest book, you could have guests post their messages to you through one of these stunning personalised post boxes from Esty. Available in a range of colours from gold, to white, to rainbow, they’re can also act as an eye-catching piece of décor too. Sitting down in the days after and trawling through all the messages is also something to look forward to. It’s a decoration, but also a useful prop and safe storage point for your cards and gifts.

Selfie frame

A really fun way to decorate your wedding is a customised wedding selfie frame. Make it personal to you, by adding your names and the date of your wedding. Alongside your official wedding photography, the frame will add a sense of silliness and laughter after a very emotional day. It is also another great way to capture those precious memories from a day you’ll never forget, and you can keep it as a decoration for your house after your wedding.


Amazon has some lovely artificial flower decorations, such as this pink rose garland. Not only will it add a beautiful, delicate touch to your décor, but they can be reused in the future, too. They also come with a helpful sense of adaptability, as you can bend or cut them to your taste.

If flowers aren’t your thing, you could also try something like a heart garland instead. While simple, they offer an equally stunning effect. You could potentially make these by hand if you wanted to get really creative, but buying pre-made garlands is just as lovely and can save you time.

Backdrop wedding hoops

Available from places such as Esty and, these gold wedding hoops come in packs of three, and are a more subtle, yet elegant piece of decoration. You could add floral touches for that extra pinch of style, perhaps using your favourite flowers? Why not hang these in the Hargate marquee? Or in the main Hall.

There are some absolute bargains out there which can help you create the beautiful wedding of your dreams without breaking the budget. Keep searching. Keep browsing. You never know when you might come across those hidden gems. Although it might take a while, it will be completely worth it when everything comes together on your special day.

Here ate Hargate Hall we’ve seen hundreds of weddings. We can offer suggestions and help you to create your unique style and decorate the Hall in your own unique way. We are ready and waiting for your DIY wedding enquiry. You can call us on 01298 872591. Or email us at with the dates you’d like to book, and we’ll get straight back to you.