6 Key Wedding Photo Opportunities You Must Snap

Wedding photos are keepsakes and mementoes. They are a very special part of your wedding day. When you look back at them, you’ll almost be able to re-live the day. Moments frozen in time. That’s why it’s so important to capture special elements from every part of your day. We’ve put together some suggestions to help you squeeze in 6 key wedding photo opportunities, so you can put them on your list of pictures to snap.

1.    Getting ready

There’s so much excitement and love in those moments before the ceremony. Capturing those special moments with your nearest and dearest before the madness begins is certainly worthwhile if you don’t want to forget those feelings leading up to the big moment. Hargate provides so many lovely cosy corners and pre-wedding relaxing spots for some nice shots.

2.    The outfit

Whatever you wear for your big day, it’s likely you’ll have spent plenty of time agonising over it, determined to find that perfect outfit. Why not capture the epitome of all that hard work in some photographs? You could hang it up and let the photographer go in close and capture every detail, or let it shine where it undoubtedly looks best. On you. Let the photos remind you of how you felt that day, how wonderful you looked, and how special you felt wearing your wedding outfit.

3.    Family shots

With everyone living such busy lives, it can be difficult to get all your loved ones together in one place. Your wedding is one of those wonderful occasions when you can make this happen, so what better way to savour the occasion than with some family photographs? They’ll be something you all treasure forever.

4.    Partner’s reaction

That moment when your partner sees you take your first step down the aisle is one you’ll never forget. It’s such an emotional moment that having it captured in a photograph is a treasure in itself. With the photo, you can revisit that pin-drop moment over and over again.

5.    The confetti

As you make your exit from the ceremony, there comes that moment when you feel like a celebrity, cheers filling the air, confetti being thrown over you. It’s sure to be a moment worth savouring. When you look back at it in the future, and see the smiles and laughter on your faces, you’ll be taken back to those joyous few minutes all over again.

6.    First kiss as a married couple

A photo of your first kiss as a married couple is certain to be a magical moment full of happiness. Having a photograph of it means you can cherish the moment forever and reflect back on the beautiful day with pure joy.

From your walk down the aisle to those precious family shots, photographs are the perfect way to capture each special moment. Cover all bases, and you’ll have a treasure trove of memories to look back on after the day, and for years to come. You can find even more photos to snap is this downloadable PDF printable.

Did you know we can sleep 77 people at Hargate Hall? Plenty of room for all the family you’d like to invite to your special day, and plenty of space for lots of fab photo ops! We’d love to talk to you about your wedding. You can call us on 01298 872591. Or email us at info@hargate-hall.co.uk with the dates you’d like to book, and we’ll get straight back to you.