Budget Friendly Ideas To Decorate Your DIY Wedding!

When it comes to weddings, there’s no shortage of expenses. That’s why DIY weddings are such an amazing option as you can choose where you want to save and where you want to splurge. A DIY wedding can also encourage you to get creative, especially in the areas where you’ve decided to save and not spend, a great example of this is through your decorations!

They may also be more affordable if you plan to host the party in your backyard and set up all of the seating arrangements on your deck. All you have to do is hire a professional power washing or cleaning service to thoroughly clean your deck. That way, you’d only have to spend money on the decor and not on the venue.

As soon as the venue has been prepared, you can add stylish and aesthetic decorative pieces to it. It is also recommended to purchase or arrange all the necessary tools, such as scissors and utility knives, and materials, such as paints and glue (if interested, Check out this glue) in advance. With these, you could easily and quickly create decorative pieces. And, if you’re looking for decoration inspiration, you can check out the internet or online blogs for ideas.

Well! You might already have some decor ideas like hanging light fixtures designed by Neon Mama or other similar romantic options. We’ve shared some more ideas to help you add some sparkle and style to your wedding tables and venue displays without spending a fortune.

1. Mason jar lights

There’s something so romantic about mason jar lights. They’re an inexpensive way to light up the evening, adding a stunning golden, and cosy, glow. Etsy and Amazon both offer a great range for you to browse. Mason jars can also be used in other ways too. You can fill them with flowers for a cheaper alternative to vases. There are also mason jar drinking glasses available, which could be a fun alternative to hiring champagne glasses. Your decoration can turn into a useful addition to the table!

2. Family photos display

A display of family photos can add a really personal touch to the day, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. LED photo clip string lights are just one example of how you could do this. Or you could hit the charity shops to buy some vintage frames. Not only do they look lovely, but you can also enjoy reminiscing over some wonderful memories throughout the day too.

3. Table decorations

For a gorgeous, rustic feel, Hobbycraft has some great ideas, including small wooden slices, which can be used as budget centrepieces, when flowers or candles are added. You could even add a bottle of spirits as your centrepiece, with mixers around, and the guests can enjoy drinking it as well as looking at the decoration. It can be really fun creating something different and unique for your tables. It certainly gets those creative juices flowing!

4. Chair décor

Rather than splashing out on hiring expensive furniture, for your wedding, you could stick to something quite simple or basic chair package and then get creative with your styling!

the first tip for styling up a basic chair is to make it comfortable. Your guests are likely to be sitting in the chairs for a few hours during the reception, so you will want to make them a bit more uncomfortable so your guests aren’t suffering in silence. One way you could do this is through DIYing dome small cushions. Armed with a sewing machine maybe even a fabric cutter and some nice material, you should hopefully be able to DIY some comfy but cute cushions that match your wedding theme and improve the overall feel of your chairs.

For example, you could dress up basic chairs, by collecting some branches and spray painting them. These could then be tied to the backs of the chairs. It sounds simple, but looks stunning. Another option could be to decorate the chairs will tulle and experiment with it, making them into bows, and adding flowers to the backs of chairs. You could even add blankets to the backs of your chairs, they’ll add a soft textured look, and they can be used to wrap up in when the sun goes down!

There are some stunning, budget-friendly wedding decorations out there. Although they can feel impossible to find sometimes, there are some hidden gems waiting for you. Have some fun researching and planning and you’ll find the perfect budget-friendly wedding decoration for you.

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