3. Wedding Memories

At first, your wedding day will be so clear in your head. The DIY details you spent weeks making will glow as you think of how they looked on display. The exact colours of the flowers in your bouquet. The smells. The food. You think you’ll remember that delicious taste of the first bite of your cake forever. Everything will seem like a picture-perfect memory. And it will be for a few weeks, months even. But eventually, the picture will start to fade.

The good news is you are in control of this. You can write everything down; you can document your day and seal the memories forever. The details can be saved.

How to save your memories

Write down the details of your wedding day as soon as you can. It is so important that you write it all down. Even if it’s a few scribbles, get it down whilst the happy memories are still fresh. This could be in the form of a diary entry or thoughts in a private notebook. Even something as simple as a quick note of what happened and when will be a great thing to look back on in one, ten- and twenty years’ time. It will be worth it.

How else you can document your wedding day:

– Create a wedding photo book – This could be ordered from your photographer. Naba Zabih is a Portland Oregon photographer who could help you in this regard. You could also use an online service like Photobox or Shutterfly. They often have discounts and offers. Make a night of it when you make your photo book. Put your wedding songs on, have some nice drinks and have fun reliving your favourite wedding moments. However, when you do decide to make use of online services to print pictures of the most memorable day of your life, look for discounts and promo codes (such as Shutterfly coupons from the likes of RetailMeNot and similar sites) that can help you save some money!

– Create a handmade wedding scrapbook – Order your own printed-out photos and add comments and stories to the pictures. Stick in the order of service and even examples of your wedding invites. Why not get friends to add their stories too? This scrapbook isn’t meant to look perfect; it’s meant to capture your wedding day and document it as it happened. There are lots of lovely scrapbooks you can buy. Why not have one on display on your coffee table or bookshelf? Friends will love to look back at the memories.

– Create a keepsake box – Keep copies of all the items that relate to your wedding. Copies of invites or RSVPs, wedding cards, table settings, or even favours (if you can). Place all these items into a nicely decorated box. It will be a living example of some of the wonderful items you created and the ideas you had for your wedding.

– Create a wedding picture display in a box frame – Don’t let your DIY skills stop after your wedding! Why not buy a box frame (sometimes called a shadow frame) and display pictures and items from the wedding, like cards and invites with the lyrics of your first dance song? Or press flowers from your bouquet? It will be a great talking point when people see it. You could even opt for a Wedding Cartoon to be made for yourself which could add some humor and color to your wedding festivities!

– Get your wedding dress framed – A statement decoration and memory that you could look at every day in your house.

– Make an album on Facebook with all your wedding pictures – You’ll get a reminder each year as the pictures show up on your Facebook memories.

Keep some decorations from the day – Use them to decorate your house. This is a great way to reuse wedding items and get value for money from items you might have bought for the wedding. For instance, your wedding decor might have had custom door mats or carpets to display some personalized messages, which was close to both of you. You could definitely display these in your house to keep the memories of your wedding as well as those related to that message afresh.

Don’t forget to add some of these extra post-wedding costs into your budget. After your wedding, it might be difficult to find some spare cash to pay for them. You’ll be glad you budgeted some money to finish off your wedding day by documenting it.

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