Budget friendly wedding favours

To your loved ones, wedding favours typically act as a token of thanks and appreciation However, it can be difficult finding that perfect heartfelt gift, while also trying to ensure it doesn’t send your wedding costs soaring. One of the great things about a DIY wedding is the chance to get creative and wedding favours are a great place to start.

One of the best gifts could be custom apparel, which can be designed with the help of custom embroidery services. You can contact firms like Mato and Hash or the ones like them in your location that can embroider designs and quotes on apparel like t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, etc.

Apart from that, there are some lovely, personal ways you can send special thanks to your guests, without spending a fortune. There are many cool products you can buy with 60 dollars or less from sites like Novelty Street which can be used as a welcome gift. We’ve shared some examples below. We’d love to know if you had wedding favours. What gift did you give to your guests?

Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Favours

1. Handwritten notes

This may seem old-fashioned now, but there is something immeasurably precious about a handwritten message. There’s an air of real thoughtfulness and care. A pen and paper can often pack the biggest emotional punch and it will be something your guests will treasure forever; they’ll also see the time you spent writing them and appreciate them all the more.

2. Sweets treats

These are always a winner! Delicious and thoughtful, whether it’s Love Hearts collected in jars, or a scrumptious bag of popcorn. You can have a lot of fun with sweet treat favours. Adding personal touches through decoration, such as stickers and labels, including things like the date of the wedding can really make your sweet treats special. Examples of things you could try are foil wrapped chocolate hearts, or mixed bags of retro sweets. It will keep your guests happy as they wait for food and even spark some conversations at the dining table.

3. Custom printed shot glasses

A great way to commemorate the day. These are a chance to be silly and fun with your wedding favours. You can choose from a range of designs and personal touches, from the traditional ‘Cheers!’, to the sweet lyric ‘All You Need Is Love’. It can really help show your personality.

4. Your very own wedding cocktails

Here’s a chance for you to really enjoy yourself, concocting your very own individual cocktail! Once you’re happy with your creation, you can purchase cute bottles, and add that personal touch. It’s completely unique to you both, and you can have some fun experimenting along the way!

5. Candles

Candles are a great wedding favour, as it can be a nice way to reminisce about the wonderful experience your guests had when they light them at home. Through websites such as Etsy, you can personalise the candles, adding your names and date of the wedding, creating a wonderful reminder of the day.

Should You Have Favours At Your Wedding?

There are plenty of amazing options out there for DIY wedding favours that won’t cost you a fortune. But you don’t have to have them. It’s a personal choice. Don’t feel like you ‘should’ have them, make it personal and meaningful. Whatever you decide to go for, there is no doubt it will be adored by your loved ones.