Fun and Unique DIY Wedding Guest Books Alternatives

Your wedding guest book can be a valuable, and treasured, memento from your special day. There are so many directions you could take, depending on your personal taste and preferences, to create a special keepsake. From quirky to the more traditional, you’re spoilt for choice!

Why do you need a wedding guest book?

A wedding guest book is a special place for your guests to record best wishes, marriage advice and share their happy memories from your special day. It’s a wedding tradition that goes way back, and it’s even more popular than ever because of the original creations and personalised guest book ideas that now exist. Forget dusty old notebooks. We’ve got some wonderful ideas for your perfect guest book.

A Custom Sign or Photograph

A showpiece for your home, a custom sign can make a really beautiful guest book. Set up your sign or photograph on an easel, perhaps with your new shared name, or the date of the wedding being the focus of the portrait, and let guests sign and leave messages on it. There’s no doubt it will make a stunning piece of décor.

Jenga Wedding Guest Book

This one is very distinctive. Simple yet unique, it’s a great way to engage your guests by having them sign individual Jenga blocks. The result is not only a multitude of lovely messages, but your very own personalised Jenga set to bring out at parties and family gatherings. Perfect for future game nights with family and friends. You get to relive precious memories every time you play. They could make extra special display pieces in your living room, too.

Thought-Provoking Guest Book

A fun take on the traditional guest book. This unusual idea will get your guests talking. Why not ask your guests’ questions, and store them in a ‘conversation-starter’ style book? Here’s what we mean.  Each table at your wedding reception will have a blank book with a question on the cover for the guests to answer. A few examples of questions you could use are:

  • what’s the best marriage advice you’ve ever received?
  • or what song reminds you the most of us?
  • What’s a funny story about the bride or groom?

It’s an entertaining, personal touch to the day, and is almost guaranteed to conjure laughter and touching messages you can keep forever. It also helps prevent the dreaded ­– I don’t know what to write, when your guests reach for your guest book.

Wine and Champagne Bottle

Some couples opt to save a particularly special bottle of their wedding wine for a special occasion in the future (think 10, 20, 30-year anniversary!). By having guests sign the bottle itself, you could have a truly distinctive, alternative guest book, and it’s something you’re likely to have for a long time. Guests can sign the bottle or box. When you do eventually open the bottle, imagine all the amazing memories that will come flooding back to you.

Wedding Memory Box

A slightly different take on the traditional well-wishes of wedding guest books, you could make the occasion even more nostalgic, with a memory box. You could even add some subdividers, creating different sections for guests to think and reflect on. For example, Etsy offers a box containing cards such as, a fond memory of the bride and groom, and marriage advice. You could even add copies of your invites or order of service.

No matter what you go for, your guest book will be a precious reminder of everyone who shared your special day with you. You can re-read it whenever you want and relive your beautiful day. It’s a priceless keepsake. Plus, it won’t cost you a fortune!

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