4 Reasons Why A DIY Wedding Is Better Than Any Other Type Of Wedding

Have you heard the phrase DIY wedding, and ever wondered what it really means? Or maybe you know a do-it-yourself wedding is for you, and you just need to convince your partner? Do you find yourself weighing up to the pros and cons of a more traditional wedding? Well, if so, we can help. In this post we’ll explore four reasons why a DIY wedding is better than any other type of wedding.

A DIY Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, stressful, chaotic, frantic, or simply perfect. They can bring all kinds of emotions to the surface and cause upset and heartache, but they don’t have to be this way. They can be exactly as you’d imagined and hoped. So often, couples think they have to do things in a certain way. They must follow ‘tradition’. Well, we are here to remind you it’s your special day, and you can do it YOUR way.

This is where the DIY wedding comes in. This is why a DIY wedding is better than any other type of wedding and it’s why it could be the perfect solution for you.

You can be as involved as you want, have control over the things you care about, and be as creative as you desire. Let’s explore some of the other benefits of a DIY wedding…

1.    Personal Touches

A DIY wedding allows you to make your day as personal as you want. It can be unique to you as a couple. Maybe you want the kids involved in designing some special invitations, or you want to embrace the fun of a Jenga wedding guest book. No matter what the idea, a DIY wedding allows you to do it all. It can help make your day distinctive for you. You could start your party at breakfast, or even have your whole family stay over the weekend. Did you know we sleep up to 77 guests here at Hargate?

2.    Save Money

The of the beauty of a DIY wedding is that it can save you money. Who doesn’t enjoy saving a few pennies? With a DIY wedding, the focus is on making the day as special as possible. The personalisation and creativity this type of wedding allows for can help reduce expenses. For example, look for budget DIY wedding decorations you can create yourself or handmake your invitations.

A big part of saving money comes from choosing your own suppliers, instead of being forced to choose costly venue-specific ones. Here at Hargate, you are free to bring in your favourite pizza van or create a bring your own buffet. It’s up to you!

Whilst DIY weddings aren’t always cheaper, they are much easier to bring in line with your budget. Here at Hargate, you could even ask guests to contribute to their room hire – After all, they are joining you for a lovely long weekend holiday! We can talk you through this process and help you make it seamless for your guests.

3.    Family and Friends

A DIY wedding can mean a lot of work, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. It’s the perfect opportunity to get friends and family involved. A DIY wedding is a great way to incorporate loved ones, adding an extra special touch to the day as they feel a part of the planning and the process.

For example, you might have an artist in the family who could design your invitations, a friend who’s an amazing baker, or a cousin who loves to DJ. While the main benefit of this is that it creates an extra special layer of intimacy to your wedding, it could also save you some money as well. But most importantly, in years to come, you’ll look back and see how everyone came together to celebrate you and your partner. A DIY wedding gives you the freedom to allow loved ones to play a special part in your wedding.

4.    Control

The heart of a wedding is all about celebrating the love between you and your partner. With a DIY wedding, you have complete control. You don’t have to settle or compromise. You can shape your day exactly how you want and implement your vision. Be as creative as you like. It puts control firmly in your hands. Especially here at Hargate Hall. From the time you arrive, we’ll hand you the keys and you get to live in our home, as if it’s your own. Decorate, dance and dine as you wish!

A DIY wedding can help you create a day that is not only memorable, but unique. Tailoring every element to you as a couple. There’s room and scope to play in almost every part of your day, something you don’t get with other types of wedding. It allows you to be practical with money-saving strategies, but also allows for creativity too. It’s the perfect mix. With a DIY wedding, the possibilities are endless.

So, should you be planning to host a DIY wedding, then look no further than Hargate Hall. Hargate Hall is the perfect place for your big day. You can call us on 01298 872591. Or email us at info@hargate-hall.co.uk with the dates you’d like to book, and we’ll get straight back to you.