How To Create Stunning DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations make your special day feel real. When you press send or push those envelopes through the letterbox, they put your day in motion. They’re a special part of your wedding as they set the scene for what’s coming. While they can be expensive, they don’t necessarily have to be. There are some fun things you can do to create beautiful DIY invitations, without spending a fortune.

Have you started to think about your invites and wedding stationery? Of course, you don’t have to create physical cards, letters or invites, you can send digital invitations or create some unique way of telling your friends, but if you’re looking for ideas for your handmade cards, we can help!

Hand Painted or Designed Invitations

Here’s a great chance to get creative and release your inner artist. With complete control over your invitations, you’re free to choose the exact design you want, and even make it from scratch. Perhaps you could rope in an artsy friend or family member to help and make it a really fun experience.

Writing invitations by hand can add that extra sense of personalisation, while also saving costs. It might even make your guests feel like an even more special part of your day, knowing you took the time to write it yourself.

Vistaprint or Canva

If designing isn’t for you, Vistaprint or Canva have some gorgeous invitations which you can personalise online and add your own touch to. Upload photos, add text, and there are other options too, such as whether you want rounded or standard corners. This option could help take an element of stress out of the planning, while also making sure you’re still involved in the process.


A simple, but lovely addition to your invites is a trickle of ribbon. It can add a sense of elegance. It can be a more subtle personal touch, acting as a way of incorporating your wedding colour scheme into the invitations. Wrap it round your invites or create a bow for that touch of elegance. For an added extra, you could even tie a sprig of something such as lavender into the ribbon, to complete your invitations with style.

Play With Shape

There are no rules about what shape your invitations have to be. You could try something different, such as circular invites, for a playful twist on tradition. Or heart shapes? There are no limits. Think about your wedding theme. Could you bring this into the shape of your invite?

Incorporate Photos

For an extra special touch, you could include old pictures of you both in your invitations. Perhaps ones from when you were children. Not only is this sure to get a few laughs, but it can make you reminisce on your journey, and how you’ve reached this exciting time in your life. Or what about a photo of your engagement? You could even treat yourself to a pre-wedding photo shoot with your photographer. You’ll have some brilliant pictures for your invites, but you’ll also get a little practice in front of the camera, it should make the photos more natural on the big day.

Whether hand designed or digitally edited, your invitations are sure to be a fond memento of this special time in your life. They represent an event that you’ll never forget the love you share and your story. Take the time to make sure you love them, and of course, get excited!

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