What’s a Hargate Hall Wedding Like?

Have you recently got engaged? Are you looking for a DIY wedding venue? We can help! We’d love to share more details with you about a Hargate Hall Wedding.

We are a family run business, and we pride ourselves on giving you a personalised service. We don’t offer packages or force you to pay for expensive extras. We are a DIY venue (Do It Yourself). This means you have lots of freedom and lots of opportunity to make your wedding look and feel exactly as you want it to. We believe that no wedding should ever be the same. Your wedding should be as unique as you are.

We’ve detailed some of the most important information about Hargate Hall Weddings below and we’ll be more than happy to answer your specific questions. We’d even love to show you around our wonderful Hall so you can picture how your big day will plan out.

Let’s delve into the details…

The Cost

We know cost is an enormous factor when you’re thinking about your wedding, so we’ll start with that first. We offer incredibly competitive prices, but we’re also transparent, there are no hidden extras, we share all the details upfront. We like to keep things simple. We charge for venue hire, accommodation, and the hire of our marquee.

For example, the cost of a weekend wedding in August 2022 works out as follows:

  • Weekend Venue Hire – £1000
  • Weekend Accommodation – £8,150
  • Marquee Hire – £2500

The marquee is optional, as you can use the main room in the Hall for your wedding breakfast (if you choose to have one). However, it depends on the number of guests you’d like to invite and if you would like a sit-down wedding breakfast. If so, you’ll more than likely need the marquee, as it will give you lots of room for seated guests.

Please note, these prices are subject to change. However, you can use our online booking tool to find the exact accommodation costs for your wedding date.

As you can see, much of the cost of a Hargate Hall wedding is for the accommodation, and many couples choose to ask their guests to pay for their rooms. This then covers most of your costs. For example, 70 people staying in the Hall and paying £80 each for 3 nights is £5,600. Guests rarely mind paying as they would pay for accommodation when attending a wedding anyway, and they get a wonderful weekend away – plus you are covering a huge chunk of your costs. It’s win-win!

We ask for a refundable damages deposit and you’ll need pound coins to pop in the electricity meters in each apartment. But that’s it from us unless you want more. We can share our added services if you’d like some extra help, but we don’t put pressure on our couples. It’s your wedding. Do it your way.

The rest of the wedding costs are up to you. We don’t place restrictions on your choice of caterer or supplier. You can host a 3-course meal or a buffet feast. You can use our cocktail bar, or you can stock up on your favourite tipple and let guests help themselves to drinks all night long. We mean it when we say we’re DIY!

A Little More About Hargate Hall

Hargate Hall is hired out for wedding, parties and holidays. For weddings and parties, we typically hire out the whole building for the entire weekend with exclusive use. We can also hire out Mid-Week on the same basis. This is what makes us different from all the other wedding venues. Why have a wedding that lasts a day, when you can have a wedding that lasts an entire weekend?

You’d be able to check in on Friday and start setting up your wedding with plenty of time to enjoy the build-up and relax in the evening. We’ve seen couples host a movie night, a pub quiz, games night – whatever you fancy to do with your friends and family and make the most of our stunning venue on the evening before your wedding. Then you’ll have the Hall exclusively for your Saturday wedding, followed by a Sunday check out and plenty of time for the big clean up!

A Hargate Hall wedding isn’t for everyone, but everyone who’s had a Hargate Hall wedding has loved it!

Hargate Hall Accommodation Details

We have 12 self-catering apartments which can sleep up to 77 people.

We have divided the main building up into 12 self-catering apartments. So instead of just having a bedroom, your guests also get a living room/kitchen/dining area. This gives you the flexibility that if you don’t want to provide all meals, your guests can sort themselves out for meals or snacks. The apartments are of different sizes and have between 1 and 3 bedrooms and can sleep between 2 and 10 people. Fancy checking out our apartments? See out online 360 degree tour.

Your Hargate Hall Wedding

We operate differently than a typical hotel. Subject to a few constraints, we hand the building to you and allow you to plan the wedding you want in the way you want it. We have tried to build our website in a way that gives you as much information and help as possible. The maximum wedding guest number is 140 in our marquee for dining. This includes evening guests.

We have a closed Facebook Weddings group which any wedding couples who have booked their wedding with us can join. Within this group, you can chat to past and future wedding couples to share ideas, discuss ideas. You may even pick up a few bargains by buying decorations etc. from those who get married in the weeks before you!

What’s next?

We love to answer questions you may have about Hargate Hall. We want it to be the right venue for you and we want you to enjoy your special day. You can call us on 01298 872591. Or email us at info@hargate-hall.co.uk with your wedding ideas and we’ll do what we can to help.