what to bring to a wedding as a guest

As a guest, it can be tricky knowing what to take to a wedding. While food and drink are typically supplied, it can be handy to remind ourselves of what other things we may need. It could be a long day, or a hot day, it’s always best to be prepared.

Essential items to take to a wedding as a guest

  1. Money

Although you may not need money at the wedding, it’s always a good idea to carry some with you. Whether it’s for drinks at a bar, or for a taxi at the end of the night, it’s always a safe option to keep a bit of cash ready for any emergencies.

  1. A Change of Clothes

As a guest, especially if you’re a bridesmaid, then you are probably going to be wearing one of those expensive gowns from one of those bridesmaid dress shops north east. That’s a sizeable investment, and you don’t want it to get ruined on its first outing due to a drunk uncle or a careless waiter. So, it’s always wise to bring a change of clothes for the after-party or dinner. Along with that, after a few dances (and drinks) high heels or smart dress shoes can take their toll. Comfortable flats or trainers can be a savor and keep you dancing for longer.

  1. Phone

Our phones allow us to capture memories and good times. Whether it’s a silly selfie, or a picture of the kids dancing, we can capture special moments with the touch of a button these days. Some weddings will ask for no photos to be taken, or you might be asked to not share any snaps of the bride and groom. But it’s always worth taking a nice picture of yourself as a guest, it makes a great memory.

  1. Tissues

Make sure you’re stocked up! Whether it’s the vows that move you to tears, or the speeches, the tissues are more than likely to make an appearance.

  1. Snacks

Weddings can mean long days, so it’s always best to be prepared. Think cereal bars, crisps, and energy bars. A little snack that you can sneak into your bag will keep you filled with energy as you wait for the wedding breakfast.

  1. Plasters

Hopefully, you’ll be dancing and mingling most of the night, and you don’t want blisters and sore feet to get in the way of that. Throw a few in your bag, just in case those new shoes cause problems.

These are some essential things to have in your bag when you’re about to go to a wedding. Sometimes, it’s the little things which can add that extra bit of comfort to your day. And if you’re a guest and lucky enough to be staying at Hargate Hall, you’ll be able to pop back to your room and freshen up or pick up some supplies! It’s another significant benefit of Hargate Hall sleeping 77 guests!

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