How To Plan Your Dream Travel Themed Wedding

Adding a theme to your wedding can help your creative vision come to life, it can pull your ideas together and it can be a great way to ensure your guests remember your special day. This week on the blog we are looking at the theme of travel! Would you like a travel themed wedding?

A travel themed wedding

Over the last 18 months, many of us haven’t been able to travel as much as we might have hoped. Cancelled holidays, cancelled honeymoons, and cancelled overseas adventures. But if travel has been a huge part of your life, there’s no reason why it can’t be a huge part of your special day. Travel brings people together; it binds stories and time and place and allows us to share dreams and experiences with each other. So why not bring this feeling, styling, and theme into your wedding. The only thing that you need to be mindful of when traveling to other places is that you do not jeopardize your privacy while using free hotel wi-fi or making any payments. One way is to use the best vpn for firefox while browsing, searching for places, making payments, and so on. This would also keep hackers from misusing your bank account details and other personal information.

Here’s how you can plan a travel theme wedding:

– Wedding venue– Look for a wedding venue that is close to popular tourist destinations. This ensures that your wedding also serves as a short trip for your family and friends. For example, if you plan to have a destination wedding in Australia near Moonlight Heads beach, you can look for a venue that is at the heart of all the nearby tourist places. That way, your guests can explore the places to visit victoria on their own while attending your wedding.

– Budget– Although we would all wish for our wedding to be affordable the reality is most are not. Potentially looking into online resources on types of credit cards such as or speaking to your bank about wedding loans could be a suitable option if you a couple found yourselves struggling to afford your big day.

– Seating Plan– You may have made friends from all over the world. Why not use the seating plan as a chance to display your theme in a subtle way. You could use a map, or an arrivals board, or even an old suitcase.

– Photos – You could share some of your favourite travel photos, so your guests really get to see a part of your lives they may not have seen before. Also consider adding some quirky travel elements to your wedding such as a whole travel-themed photo shoot! You could explore man and woman hiking fashion together and choose outfits that perfectly match you as a travel couple. Display some of your favourite cultures from around the world; showcase the kind of places you like to travel to; recreate your most memorable trip; these moments at your wedding could make for a fun travel reminiscence for you and the guests.

– Decorations– Did you get engaged abroad? Could you create a display of your engagement story? Or could you display old postcards? If you need more ideas for decorations, this blog post will help.

– Place settings This is where you can get really creative. You could use luggage tags, mini passports or paper aeroplanes even to help showcase your theme.

There are so many other great ways you could include travel too:

  1. Naming your tables after places you’ve been together or your favourite holiday destinations.
  2. A creative travel guest book – who said you must have a standard guest book, what about having a guest globe book – everyone can still sign it and it would look fabulous on display in your home. Or, what about asking guests to sign a map of your hometown, or the place where you both met.
  3. You could turn your wedding invite into a plane ticket or design it in a passport-style. Your guests will know from the start of the day that you’re planning a travel themed day.
  4. Or you could theme different elements of your wedding around different countries. The ceremony could be in one location, then you could head to the wedding reception, and it could be decorated and themed as a whole other world!

The beauty of a DIY wedding is the freedom that allows you to do whatever you want. You can locate your wedding at Hargate Hall, but from there you could travel all over the world!

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