Simple DIY Wedding Centrepieces To Bring Your Tables To Life

Simplicity can be a wonderful thing. Things don’t always need to be big and extravagant to create an impact. DIY weddings are the perfect way to get creative, and explore alternative options without spending a fortune.

Here, we have a few suggestions for some simple DIY wedding centrepieces that will bring your tables to life but won’t take hours to set up.


Have you ever considered buying supermarket flowers? They keep well and the bouquets are already styled. However, nowadays, it is not just supermarkets but also online flower shops like Blumenhaus Frei (a swiss flower shop) that happen to offer a wide array of flower bouquets.

That said, the great thing about flowers is that they can be used in so many different ways and not just as bouquets.

Small metallic buckets filled with flowers, for example, might sound quite basic, but they can look elegant. Whether it’s a pop of pink or a splash of red, they make lovely centrepieces. If you take the example of flowers like geraniums, they can indeed be an eye-catching piece to your decoration (check out types of geraniums here, if interested). Simple but effective.

Alternatively, wicker baskets decorated with flowers and greenery could be a different way of styling your centrepieces. While simplistic, they look stylish and sweet too. You could add wine to the baskets, so it’s multi-purpose!


For a romantic feel, petals are a great option. Rose petals don’t need to be expensive, and they add a really intimate feel. Scatter them across the tables, adding a few tea lights or candles for a simple but stylish finish. Alternatively, you could use dried petals in jars as your centrepiece. A different, but an equally chic option.

Decorated branches

Collect small branches in pots or jars, then weave fairy lights through them for gorgeous, romantic centrepieces. You could even spray paint them gold for that extra glamorous touch.


A classic that always looks good. Romantic, sophisticated, and cosy, grouped candles in the middle of the tables are sure to be a winner, and create a warm atmosphere.

Sweet jars

For a fun twist on the more traditional centrepieces, you could use cute jars of sweets. They make great wedding favours for your guests too. You could also add personalised labels for that extra touch.

Potted plants

Not only will these act as beautiful, natural centrepieces, but you can also take them home afterwards. Or give them as gifts – they make lovely wedding favours. You could incorporate your personal favourite plant or go for different plants on each table. The possibilities are endless!


A unique, yet simple way to brighten up the tables. You could display them in stylish boxes or glass vases. However, you choose to do it, your tables are sure to look fabulous and colourful. From lemons, to limes, to oranges, this option offers a stunning pop of colour. The fruit could even be served for dessert. If you choose a fruit like peaches, you may want to make a peach cobbler from Chopnotch, or check out a recipe online if you want as well (especially if you are really going to DIY), so there is that sweet connection and it adds another layer to your wedding. It can make the day have that rustic feel if this is the angle you are going for.

While centrepieces are often seen as a key part of the day in terms of DIY decoration, you can keep it simple and limit the cost, without compromising the result. Get creative, and explore alternatives to big, expensive pieces. There are some beautiful options out there. You might be surprised at what you can do.

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