It’s been a while since I last posted about my Abseiling. That is because we have been too busy! I put a quick post on our Facebook page earlier about visitors on our website in July – We had a staggering  12,092 visits. That is more than double our previous highest. This in turn led to a significant increase in emails and phone calls, which I think we just about managed to cope with.

The holidays are always a difficult time for us to maintain the family and work. With the kids off school we want to take them out and about, both to keep them occupied, and to give us a chance to enjoy the fanatic countryside that we live in. Balanced against that is the fact that we are fully booked through till mid September because lots of other people want to do the same! So we tend to spend of a lot of time cleaning, doing laundry and general maintenance.

Still we are determined to get out for at least 2 days each week.  We may even try and pitch a tent for a few nights at a local campsite. Has anyone got any recommendations for Peak District Camp Sites?