The Wedding.

In September 2016, we were delighted to host the wedding of Tim and Sally (also known in Nottingham as the official Robin Hood and Maid Marion). However, the weekend did not go completely as planned. Sally was in the middle of her second round of chemotherapy. How she managed to walk down the stairs to start the wedding ceremony I will never know. But she did, and the ceremony was beautiful.

Tim & Sal’s wedding

Shortly after that, however, Sally had to be taken back to Nottingham City Hospital and had to remain there for several days. In the past, I am sure that  many people have quietly left the room to avoid listening to the speeches, but this was the most high-profile exits that we have seen! Sadly, not only did Sally miss the speeches, but also the photos, meal and party.

5 months later …

Well, 5 months on we feel even more privileged to have hosted their wedding again! The majority of the friends and family from September are back at Hargate Hall to hold another wedding ceremony. Of course, this is followed by food and partying. At this point I would like to thank Joyce and the High Peak registrar’s, Juliet from 2 Counties Hog Roast and the band “The one Hit Wonders” . They were all fantastic. Lots of other people have also helped in putting everything together, such as the food for the weekend, photographs, drink, decorations etc.  And, of course, all the friends and family who have come back here to celebrate with them. So, thanks to one and all.

Tim and Best Men

The Ceremony

wedding musin by the One Hit Wonders

two Counties Hog Roast

We hope, Tim and Sally, that you had a fantastic weekend this time. And that you have enjoyed all the things that you missed out on first time round. Tim, don’t forget that you must now remember 2 wedding anniversary dates!!