Well, yes, it’s snowing! We currently have about a foot of snow (measured on the old tennis court) but due to the occasional gust of wind there is a fair amount of drifting around. Parts of our car park are virtually bare, but other parts have 3 ft drifts. Santa came to visit at the weekend to talk to all the children from a lovely group that we have stay here each year. You can see the video here.


There are various pictures on one of the guest’s blog  http://beckywilloughby.blogspot.com/2010/11/single-with-kids-xmas-party-weekend-at.html. It is a shame that they missed out on the best of the snow!


Hargate Hall in the snow
Snow in the Peak District



The local roads are open but care is needed. If you have a 4 wheel drive that is best. I would avoid the side roads from Tideswell to Wormhill, and from Peak Forest to Wormhill. The best route is probably to pick up the signs to Tunstead Quarry from the A6 a couple of miles north of Buxton. We are another couple of miles passed the quarry. We are happy to pick up guests from Buxton railway station (or anywhere else within reason!). Feel free to ring us and we can pass on what we know about the roads.