5 Wonderful Different Styles of Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. However, the huge variety of dresses and styles can feel overwhelming too. Styles, colours, material, and then you’ve got the accessories! It can be a lot. That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions to help you.

Let’s explore the wonder that is the wedding dress, in all its different forms.

Ball gown

A ball gown style wedding dress is often thought of as the epitome of the ‘princess’ or fairy tale dress. Typical features include a full skirt and fitted bodice. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from, varying from strapless to long-sleeved. The more flowing style of skirt also means you’re free to dance all night while looking completely dreamy!


Also known as the mermaid dress. Something commonly associated with this style of dress, is a figure-hugging quality. Typically, the fishtail style involves a more fitted bodice, and a skirt that flares out at the knees. Much like the ballgown, it’s not a style you get to wear every day, so this could be the perfect opportunity to embrace it.

Slip Dress

This style of dress is less dramatic than something like the ball gown, instead filling the ‘less-is-more-box’. While more simplistic in style, it maintains a striking beauty and sophistication. With many slip dresses being made from silky satin, they might be a more comfortable option. There’s plenty of variation in design too. Some come with slits, some have lace trim, some have sequin embellishment. You’re certainly not short on options.


Who says you have to wear a dress? If you’re searching for something different, or a dress isn’t really your style, a jumpsuit could be the perfect alternative. From those with a bit of sparkle, to lacy designs, to striking polka dots, you’ve got an amazing range of styles to choose from.

Tea-length Dress

If you want a retro feel for your wedding, you could start with your dress. It’s also a practical style too, as the key element of a tea dress is the shorter length.This means your dress won’t drag along the ground. Another benefit is that your movement isn’t restricted like it might be in other kinds of dresses. You are free to dance the night away in comfort.

So many styles, so little time.

No matter which style you go for, the most important thing is that you love it. Plus, choosing your wedding outfit is a great chance to play dress-up. This is your day, and you deserve to feel like the absolute belle of the ball. Keep browsing and exploring until you find that dress you fall completely in love with.

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