Welcome to Hargate Crafts. We set Hargate Crafts up during lock-down to make and sell face masks. Given that all of this years weddings are either postponed or looking doubtful, it has been nice to have a project!

facemasks from Hargate crafts

We have set up a shop on Etsy as it provides a simple platform to showcase our face masks, as well as being very easy to process and track orders. www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HargateCrafts we have also set up a Facebook page HargateCrafts for if you want to share any pictures of your masks! If you are coming to stay with us, you can also ask to see what we have.

There are three sizes of face mask S/M/L as well as 2 or 3 layered ones. Additionally they can be bought made up or in a kit form for you to finish.. For the DIY mask customers we have recorded of you tube video of us making up a mask so you can see how to do it. We have provided full written instructions below.

Mask sewing instructions.

Thank you for buying one of our masks. Below you will find step by step instructions, but we have also made a YouTube video of making the mask as well. Have a look on the Hargate Hall’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/hargatehall and pick the “how to make a mask” video.

Items: required needle (or sewing machine), pins, thread, iron, and scissors.

Take the mask front (printed fabric) and the mask inner (plain white) and open them out.

If the fabric is creased,  give it a quick iron. It will make it easier if you

Place the front piece on a table so that the pattern is facing up.

Place the inner on top of the front with the raw seam facing up.

Adjust the fabric so that the central seams are lined up.

Use a pin to attach the front and inners together at the top and bottom of the seam.

Sew all the way along the bottom edge and tie off the thread.

Now repeat for the top curved edge. leave the sides un-sown. Remove the pins

Once done turn the mask inside out by feeding it through one of the open ends.

Then fold in again by about 20mm. Give it a quick press with an iron.

Then fold over the raw edge by just a few mm. Give it a quick iron again.

Lift the fold up slightly and put an elastic in. Fold back down and sew all the way down a few mm in from the edge of the folded piece.

Repeat with the other end.

Tie off the ends of the elastic to form the ear loops.

You can adjust the knot in the elastic to suit, once you have got it right, slide the elastic round, so the knot is in the fabric – it looks neater that way.

Congratulations, your mask is finished, and I hope you are pleased with it!

Youtube channel www.youtube.com/hargatehall

Facebook: HargateCrafts – this also has extra photos on it