So, what could possibly connect Gin with Self Catering Holiday and the Royal British legion to make it the subject of a blog post? Well there is a connection and it all started with gin….

Gin night at the Arches

A few weeks back we went to a gin night at the Arches Bar in Buxton. We love the Arches as a place to go and unwind over  a few drinks anyway, but when they hosted the gin night, buying a ticket was a must. On offer were s selection of gins from a local producer – Derbyshire Distillery. The distillery was already known to us a we have bought their gins when we have put on pay bars for weddings at Hargate Hall (which now seems a long time ago!!)

At the end of the evening we were told that a special gin would be launching in a couple of weeks time. This has now been launched – The 11th hour Gin. Why is it so special? Well, as well as its great taste, the distillery are donating £3 of each bottle sold to the Royal British Legion. You can read more about it on their website – Derbyshire distillery where they also explain the story behind it.

Derbyshire distillery11th Hour Gin

You can buy the 11th hour gin from their website, as well as others in their range. If you are booking to stay at Hargate Hall at the same time, ask us about the gin. We can arrange to collate orders and have them delivered to Hargate Hall. Saves on delivery!

Holidays at Hargate Hall

OK, so have connected the Gin and the Royal British Legion together, but what about the self catering holidays bit? When we first heard about the 11th Hour Gin we thought what a great idea, how can we get involved? so, we are going to create our own offer. For every self catering holiday book directly with us through our website, we are going to add 5% of the booking value to Derbyshire Distillery’s collection. This applies to all direct holiday bookings taken between now and the end of January 2021.

Don’t forget that we also have a discount code of “bookdirect” of 15% which you can also use. If you wish, you can also help with a donation. We have added a booking extra where you can choose to add 1 to 5% on to your booking which we will then collate and pass on. To book your holiday with us head to our booking and availability page.


Poppy face masks

We will also be launching our range of poppy face masks to our Etsy shop HargateCrafts  in the next few days. At the moment we are still on Halloween skulls and the incredibly popular Tartan range of masks.