Well, I can’t believe it is coming up to 12 months since we last had a party taking place at Hargate Hall. This time last year we had the next 4 weekends booked. One was for a wedding and 3 parties, and then lock down began.

I don’t think any of us thought that a year on we would still be suffering the effects of Covid-19.

Summer weddings?

So how are you all seeing the next few months? After months of nothing to look forward to is there at last light at the end of the tunnel? We certainly hope so!

Light at the end of the tunnel   darkness at the end of the Tunnel

It has been a long hard slog for everyone, and we are still faced with having to sort out alternative dates for weddings over the next few months. Whist this is not great for us, we at least are not the ones with piles of save the date cards and wedding invites with the wrong dates on. We only have to change 1 booking for each of you. You have to change the bookings with the florist, registrar, caterer photographer, cake and dress makers etc.

On the bright side there is now a target date for reopening for weddings – June 21st. Though this could easily change. We are now seeing a significant increase in enquiries for weddings and holidays. Sadly, some of those are from people thinking they can come next week, but holidays look good from 12th April

We have carried on trying to keep on top of things here. The usual routine maintenance, but we have also given the driveway a recoat, Balmoral has had the shower room redone. Bakewell, has had the upstairs bathroom pulled out and is being refitted now. We cleared all the mole hills last year, but some are starting to reappear aaagh, but so are the snowdrops!

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Normally, about now, we would be hosting an open day. This will have to wait a bit longer, and when we do it we are working on the assumption that we will still be limited on group size so it will probably be done with time slots and caps on numbers. We will see how things progress after last night’ announcement, so watch this space.

We know this has been a difficult and frustrating time for everybody, so in the meantime feel free to ask us any questions about your wedding or party plans. You can post on here, email us, or contact us through facebook.