Is a Festive Christmas DIY Wedding For You?

How To Make Your Christmas Wedding Sparkle

One way to incorporate a Christmas theme into your wedding is by choosing a venue that is already decked out in holiday decorations, and here at Hargate we LOVE Christmas decorations. We often decorate the Hall with garlands, twinkling lights, and of course, our centre piece, big sparkling tree. All of which can provide a stunning and magical setting for your ceremony and reception.

When it comes to your wedding attire, a classic white dress and tuxedo can be given a festive twist with red and green accents. The bride could carry a bouquet of red poinsettias, and the groom and groomsmen could wear red ties or holly buttonholes. The bridesmaids can wear green dresses, and the flower girls can toss red and green petals as they walk down the aisle. It’s the small touches that often have the biggest impact.

As for the ceremony itself, incorporating Christmas elements can add a personal and heartfelt touch. Choosing holiday-themed readings, such as “The Night Before Christmas” or “A Christmas Carol,” can add a festive touch, and exchanging vows in front of a lit Christmas tree can be a beautiful and romantic setting.

The reception is where you can really let your Christmas spirit shine. A holiday-themed menu, with dishes such as roast turkey, and cranberry sauce, can add a festive touch, and a dessert table filled with Christmas cake and candy canes can satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, whilst still sticking with the theme.

Entertainment is also an important aspect of a wedding reception, and a live band or DJ can keep the party going with a mix of holiday classics and dance tunes. And, of course, a photo booth with props such as Christmas hats, reindeer antlers, and mistletoe can provide plenty of fun and memorable moments.

The Pros & Cons of a Festive Wedding

You may find yourself asking the question, should I get married at Christmas time? We’ve listed some of the pros and cons to help you decide.


  • A Christmas wedding can provide a festive and romantic setting for your ceremony and reception.
  • The holiday season is already a time for celebration, so a Christmas wedding can be a natural extension of that.
  • Incorporating Christmas elements into your wedding, such as a tree, twinkling lights, and holiday-themed readings, can add a personal and heartfelt touch.
  • A Christmas-themed menu and dessert table can add a festive touch to the reception.
  • A Christmas wedding can provide a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.


  • The holiday season can be a busy and stressful time, so planning a Christmas wedding can add to that.
  • Some guests may already have plans or commitments during the holiday season, and may not be able to attend your wedding.
  • Some guests may not be interested in a Christmas-themed wedding and may prefer a more traditional or non-themed celebration.

Ultimately, the decision to have a Christmas-themed wedding is up to you and your partner. Consider your personal preferences, the budget, and the potential challenges and advantages of having a Christmas wedding, and make a decision that feels right for you.

Book Your Festive Wedding With Hargate Hall

A Christmas-themed wedding can be a festive and romantic way to celebrate your love during the holiday season. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create a unique and memorable celebration that reflects your personal style and the magic of the season.

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