Searching for a DIY wedding venue.

Q. Hello, can you tell me a bit about you both?
A. Our names are Paul and Marie were from Mansfield and have been together 5 years we have a little boy who’s 3 years old.
Q. How long had you been engaged for before you started looking for a wedding venue?
A. Only a couple of months
Q. When you were searching for a venue, what were you looking for and where?
A. We wanted a DIY wedding because we had an idea of what we wanted and didn’t want a traditional format. We looked on Google, and went to a few wedding fayres.
Q. What appealed about Hargate Hall when you first found us?
A. The fact that it was a blank canvas and you could hire it for the whole weekend so your wedding wasn’t just over in a day
Q. What did you think when you first came to look around?
A. It exceeded anything that we thought it would be we were so happy that we found it and it was perfect.

The wedding

Q. What was your plan for your DIY wedding weekend.
A. We wanted all our family and friends to have a get together the Friday evening so everybody knew each other we had a Chinese and a few drinks. The next day we had the ceremony at 2pm afterwards we had a buffet by a company we saw at Clumber park food and drink festival. Then the pictures were taken we all had a few drinks while the disco was set up. We had a fish and chip van and an ice cream cart for the evening which went down well and no washing any pots. On the Sunday, we had a chilled-out day and hired a hog roast from the same company that did our buffet.
Q. Did everything go to plan?
A. Yes
Q. Being a DIY wedding, was it more effort than you thought and was it worth it?
A. It was a lot of effort but everyone got involved and it was lovely as there was a bit of everyone’s efforts involved to make our special day extra special.
Q. Would you do anything differently?
A. No
Q. How would you describe Hargate Hall
A. The most perfect wedding venue ever. Anthony and Julie are amazing too we could ask any question and they helped out so much. Thank you for making our wedding so special and memorable our friends and family talk about it all the time.
Q. And finally do you have any advice to others starting out on their wedding planning?
A. Recommendations are always great to work from, and go to as many wedding fayres so that you can just to get ideas and company’s details. We also found a few of our companies through Clumber park food and drink festival

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