Searching for a relaxed wedding venue

Q. Hello, can you tell me a bit about you both?

A. Hello. We are Zoe and Sam Mcvaigh, we live in Stockport

Q. How long had you been engaged for before you started looking for a wedding venue?

A. Not long, we looked for a while before we found “the one”

Q. When you were searching for a venue, what were you looking for and where?

A. We wanted somewhere where all our guests could stay. We wanted somewhere, perhaps not a traditional wedding place, where we could do our own thing. The accommodation was the main thing we searched for, initially looking at groups of holiday cottages with somewhere for a wedding within walking distance.

Q. What appealed about Hargate Hall when you first found us?

A. Beautiful building obviously. You Anthony, to be honest. You were very helpful and enthusiastic and laid back, I had grown weary of venues telling me “and this is the door you will use for photos” … I’ll take photos wherever I bloody want thank you! Also the ability to party all night, we didn’t need to go all night, but so many venues make you turn the music off at 11!! 11?!?! How fun is that?!

Q. What did you think when you first came to look around? Did you have any doubts or concerns about what you might be letting yourself in for compared to a “traditional” wedding venue?

A. Loved it. Loved the feeling of it. Great place, not clinical but like visiting a friend’s house. Just had that relaxed feeling. I remember saying to Sam on the lawn “this is where we should get married, this spot right here” and feeling so happy because it just felt so “us”

The wedding.

Q. What was your plan for your wedding weekend.

A. Party on Friday, relaxed, jeans, dominoes etc. Wedding outside on Saturday on the lawn (weather permitting!), a big lunch, lots of stuff for guests to do with a party in the evening. Sunday BBQ and chill

Q. Did everything go to plan?

A. Yes!

Q. Was it more, or less, effort than you thought, and was it worth it?

A. LOL yes!!!! OMG so much work. But my own doing.

Q. Would you do anything differently?

A. Nope

Q. How would you describe Hargate Hall?

A. Friendly, beautiful, fantastic, magical.

Q. And finally, because we are different to a lot of other venues, do you have any advice to others starting out on their wedding planning?

A. Make a spreadsheet with everything you want and work through it month by month. Also think seriously about how it will all come together on the day, and how you will actually achieve that.


Zoe and Sam, thank you very much. They have also shared some pictures from their wedding.

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