Why you should attend a wedding venue open day?

Whether you’ve chosen your wedding venue or even if you are still shopping around, wedding venue open days can give a fantastic insight into the planning process.

Why you should attend a wedding venue open day...

Venue open days allow you to explore your potential venue with no time pressure or pushy sales pitch. You will have a whole day to imagine, plan and research what your wedding could look like and how your wedding day might plan out. Often venues are ‘dressed’ for the occasion or they are left as a blank canvas so you can let your creativity go wild.

1. Research

Open days are the best way to conduct research about your venue. The owners or managers will have cleared out their diaries and will be on hand all day to ensure they can answer every question you’ve got. Because of this, there won’t be the pressure of trying to squeeze all your questions into an email or scribble down responses from a phone call. You can take your time and research everything you need to and take pictures to help with the planning when you get home.

Besides, with a lot of time on your hand, you will have more options to look into. If you are looking for outdoor wedding venues there are plenty of options. For instance, if you are from Canada, you will find amazing places in Calgary for your special day. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or outdoor venues, you could find the Best Wedding Venues Calgary.

2, Meet suppliers.

Sometimes venues will invite suppliers to open days. This can be a great way to meet a trusted supplier that already knows your venue well. If the open day is exclusive for clients and there aren’t suppliers, you can still speak to the hosts about people they might recommend. You also get a much better opportunity to explore the venue.

3. Meet other couples.

Venue open days are a great way to meet other couples who are looking at booking the same venue as you. You can, for instance, share ideas and helpful suggestions and even swap supplier details. Don’t see other couples as competition. Think of it as another way to mine information!

4. It’s fun!

Planning a wedding should be a happy and fun time. What better way to spend a weekend than moseying around a wedding venue. Even if you are not ready to book, you might never get the opportunity again! Make a day of it (and sample the free drinks and food)!

Next week Hargate Hall will open its doors for its annual open weekend. Saturday (18th) and Sunday (19th) 11am and 4pm. Join us for a chance to explore your potential wedding venue and ask all the questions that you’ve been desperate to ask.

Free workshops!

Across the weekend, we are also running free workshops – What makes a great DIY wedding? Exclusively for couples looking to get married at Hargate Hall. These free thirty-minute workshops will briefly outline some of the tools and ideas you need to help you create your unique and personal DIY wedding.

The session has been created especially for couples looking to get married at Hargate Hall. We will give you an overview of some of the top tips and tricks you need to know! Are you are looking to create the wedding of your dreams and one that your guests won’t stop talking about? Then this session is for you! BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!

In the session we will briefly look at:

  • The elements that make up a great DIY wedding
  • The top mistakes people make
  • …and plenty of other bits of useful advice and time for questions.

This session is delivered by Laura Stroud – Owner of Peak District Events. Laura graduated with a first-class degree in event management and has worked all over the world managing projects and events. From business launches to conferences, with over 10 years of experience, Laura now specialises in DIY weddings and on the day event management in the Peak District and surrounding area.

General details of the Hargate Hall Open Days can be found here

Laura Stroud