Unlike some parts of the country, we still have a week to go before the kids break up for the Easter Holiday, but with the weather being as good as it was we wanted to make the most of it. We were booked up with holiday makers this weekend rather than a wedding, so that gave us Saturday off, Hooray! We packed up a picnic lunch and headed off to Chatsworth House  to have a picnic in the park by the river. We spent a few hours there chilling out while the kids ran around and enjoyed  playing by the river. Then we set off to have a look around the garden centre.

On Sunday we had booked ourselves in to exhibit at Firefly’s wedding fair in Sheffield, so Julie and I  set off early leaving my parents in charge of the children. We got set up and waited to the crowds to arrive. The fair itself seamed to be going very well. the were lots of brides there, but sadly for us they had either already booked there venue, or they were looking for this year. We only have 2 weekends left this year (9 th September and 17 th December if anyone’s interested!) to trying to get a fit was going to be difficult.

Then after an hour my phone rang, it was No. 1 saying that they needed the phone number for the emergency doctor as No. 2 had fallen on her head while doing a flip over and was in pain and unable to move. The doctor said to take her to the local hospital and transferred the call to them, but they said not to take her in a car as her neck should be supported. They said to ring 999 and get a paramedic ambulance out to assess her. Needless to say at this point were getting ready to pack up and head off to see her. The trouble was we weren’t sure if she was going to get taken to hospital and if so which one, it was going to be either Stockport or Chesterfield, but they are opposite directions so we had to sit tight and wait.

The ambulance crew arrive and went in to see Sarah. They said they didn’t think there was any damage to her neck but would take her to Stockport Hospital to be on the safe side. Given the chance of a neck injury she had to have neck supports and by strapped onto a spinal board. My mother got a few pictures of Sarah being got ready, so she can always be reminded of the occasion.

When Sarah got to the Hospital they rolled of the Spinal board carefully, and she examined by the doctor there. After a full examination they concluded that that she had a sprained neck and just needed to be careful for a few days. By the time we arrived from Sheffield Sarah and my dad were sitting in the waiting room waiting to go home.

Our sincere thanks go to Anthony and Jon the ambulance crew, and to Joanne, Henry and Sophie at Stepping Hill hospital for taking such good care of Sarah.

After all this adventure we spend the rest of day in the garden, planting out the seeds that we bought at Chatsworth Garden centre, and Sarah spent the time running around as if nothing had happened!!!